Wash and Go Styling: Taren Guy - Salon Series

Found this take on wash and go styling quite easy and true....I am a firm believer in the use of conditioner...for me the more the conditioner the better. My hair is not a fan of gels as such but I am still exploring the use of them.
Also I have sometimes found a product looks different on certain stages of a wash and go, for example, some look or make the hair look better when drenching wet or as it dries, the point I am trying to make is give it a chance, don't be dismayed at the first onset, let the hair dry before judging it or even try it on damp hair next time or second day curls. Switch it up or switch it down.
I like the explanation given on true co-washing versus the use of a co-washing product.
I will be trying the incorporation of the drier - I air-dry more than anything.

What have you got to lose...go on, give it a try,