Jem101: Read

Read, read and when you have read, read again.

I may have issues with Mr Time right now but when I can read, I read and enjoy it. Reading is empowering to say the least. It is captivating. It is entertaining. It is motivating. And, amongst many other things it is or should be part of who we are.

A few months ago I came across what I thought and now really do think is quite a great read. Natura Magazine USA - The On-line Healthy Hair & Lifestyle Magazine and Blog. Encompassing all the factors already mentioned above, this magazine is for us, with us, about us and also directs us. You don't even have to read but you can also just look or glance and still be inspired - the imagery, especially this new Issue, is quite striking. It covers many aspects of who we are but also assists us in coming into our own - our authentic selves.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to contribute in this new issue - page 50.

I will stop blabbing - read on:The Visual Issue