The Healthy Hair Indaba 2014

Earlier this year whilst investigating natural hair care and products available to us here in South Africa, I came across a few local/Africa based bloggers (wish they were more) who were either mentioned bits on natural hair care or showcased their own natural hair journeys. I'm all about motivation and these ladies can surely inspire. (Yes World - we are catching up)

I also ran a search for any natural hair events or meet ups and there was absolutely nothing on the radar for 2014. I despondently sighed, signed up to an interesting local lifestyle blogger 's blog and that was that.

The silence didn't last for long. Before I knew it, I had the scoop on an event to happen on 22 Feb called the Healthy Hair Indaba and I got this from the blog I had I signed up to, the Scoop Queen herself (yes that's what I call her)...Wisaal of

I can't explain what it feels like to drink water after taking a long walk in a desert...exhilarating? tranquillity? like you are being saved from what you thought was near death? bliss? These feelings all at the same time.

That's what hearing about the Healthy Hair Indaba was like. Not much information was given immediately, so the date was saved, I rallied up some friends and we all geared up as more information filtered out. We couldn't wait.
 22 Feb: A lovely sunny Saturday, we arrived at the Motions Hair Academy not sure what to expect but excited all the same. We were greeted warmly at the door and directed to an array of red shopper bags filled to the brim with what looked like hair product and goodies of sorts.(that alone just had us smiling the rest of the day) The next few seconds camera lights were flashing and we were asked to pause for more pictures (ooo that celebrity feeling). Refreshing drinks were served and we were shown to a medium sized hall decoratively set up with white chairs facing 5 others chairs - the Guru seats and our spots in the front were quickly chosen.

 We didn't wait too long for things to start - picture an intimate affair of about 60-70 people, mainly women, gorgeous and unique in all their beauty gathered together literally with their ears, minds and hearts open to what was to come. 5 Amazonian Goddesses, okay, I will ease off a little, 5 smart, confident, inspiring educators - the Healthy Hair Gurus:

- Wisaal of Wiscellaneous

- Carice of Destiny Magazine

- Kavuli of Good Hair Diaries

- Tendayi of African Hair Blog

- Aisha of My Fro & I

 We went through everything 'healthy hair' interactively and as you know how women can talk, it was not excessive neither was it in vain, it was well structured from topic to topic, (with loads of laughter) attention and further excitement was held by prize aka gift giving throughout. (I won a gift for being one of the people who bought 3 tickets). A food break entailed more free drinks and filling finger foods (non of that itty bitty biscuit type stuff) miniature real food. Those that needed schooling were schooled and those that didn't were schooled regardless. e.g. ingredients listed on a product are in order of whatever has the highest content i.e. what ever has the most content in that bottle is listed first and so forth and so forth. Also water is your friend (being a wash and go gal for the last 3 years I can attest to this)

Attendees left filled, mind, body and soul...hauling goody bags from heaven and for R180 entrance wow, have you ever.

Everything was pulled off above world class standards, the sponsors could not have sponsored a better event and I will certainly be giving feedback and already spread the word on the products received and use.

 South Africa naturalists and healthy hairistahs (I made that up - big joey grin) THE DROUGHT IS OVER!
 More are planned, I will certainly be there, will you?

 Follow the Healthy Hair Indaba here and sign up:

 #HHI14 more please.

 Thank you Portia and Kim for going with me xxx