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The Setting: Eager to get a few things going in terms of perfecting or improving my hair maintenance (aka looking for more products to try), I finally found a bit of time to actually place orders for some hair products I was interested in. I'm a little meticulous before I buy stuff, unless I have tried it before and have the answers to my questions then I will do the research before just spending any arms and legs for any specific product (customs and import tax needs to chill on local importers as heck, they certainly pass that cost on to us the eager consumer). I also read others reviews which I find rather useful. I rely on making my own decisions or opinions but when I can't, I will objectively hear what others have to say.

I read about The Perfect Hair by chance a couple of months ago (after signing up to my favourite lifestyle blogger - will tell you about her later). If there's one thing that frustrates me, (well used to really frustrate me but not any more - the joys) its living in a land surrounded by people with curly/kinky/natural hair who are in the majority and yet in the minority when it comes to finding products that cater for their hair needs. Talking about natural hair mind sets and relaxed hair and how we are where we are is another story but for now lets just say that I can't comprehend why companies are not thriving off us by enhancing and looking after what we already have - by helping educate and teach us and providing/creating the products to keep us - they would not only make profits but grow their brand and business to astronomical heights. Natural hair is just so versatile and just so beautiful.

Well, all of that is changing and enter The Perfect Hair.

I've been stalking them for a while (I was literally checking their site name daily when it didn't go live on their proposed launch date but they are here and hopefully staying). They are a local based supplier of renowned international healthy hair products - founded by a charming lady named Taryn - GO GIRL POWER!
They currently stock Carols Daughter, As I Am Naturally, the coveted Ouidad, Mixed Chicks and delivery is free. They go the extra mile by showcasing the products at various hair salons now and again so that one can try. I am still learning about them and will give an update in due course.
Having experienced online shopping and home delivery whilst living abroad and now blissfully seeing the increase of it at home in South Africa, I must say my experience in the last 24hours has just been phenomenal. The Perfect Hair took the cup (
19:35 I ordered a jar of As I Am Coconut Co-Wash Conditioner
19:36 Their site took me to the FastPay site which unnerved me a little as I haven't used them before but after checking it out I proceeded using the EFT payment option. After a few clicks it took me back to theperfecthair and I got confirmation of my order. (I did email Taryn@theperfecthair just to be sure the FastPay site was legitimate and at 7:43 I emailed again to say that they should ignore me as all was in order (lol)
08:13 Taryn responds confirming all in order and shipment dispatched this morning (I didn't see this email till later in the evening) but my expectations were already set to delivery taking place the following week Monday or Tuesday or even Wednesday as EFT payments can delay one's order.
15:30 Reception at work call to advise that I have a delivery - I get my parcel and voilĂ , in cute yellow packaging and bubble wrap so as to keep things safe, my order is in my hands - have you ever.

Service and Delivery: 10/10 or 20/20 A Class and believe me if there is anything a person remembers, its how you made them feel and I felt happy, pleasantly surprised, appreciative, excited and couldn't wait to get home to open my parcel and to say a heartfelt Thank you.

Place: I will be buying more. Why are you still here? - Get clicking, awaits. 'Get the Hair You Deserve'

Disclaimer/Please Note: This is not a sponsored post