Natural Hair 101: How to Wash Natural Hair - A Salon Series by the beloved Taren Guy

As someone who is still perfecting her hair regimen, coming across some key information about natural hair care is always more than welcome. Thank you to all the natural hair vloggers and bloggers out there and for this particular post, thank you Taren Guy.

I only use shampoo when my hair asks for it, when it has product build up and my curls are limp and just blah. I like the concept of using a clarifying shampoo specifically on the scalp and following this with a moisturizing shampoo sounds good to me. I can't stress enough that whatever you use, ensure it is sulfate free...if you can't then use what you have as the clarifying shampoo and follow this with a really good conditioner. 
One can also adapt their weekly or bi-weekly or monthly hair wash routine with a deep conditioning session, drenching the hair oil as a pre-poo (I really need to do this more often as I wet my hair daily to assist my curl) and adding an apple cider vinegar rinse will make a difference (I do this after coloring to help flatten my hair cuticles) etc etc. 
Some days the tangles in my hair frighten me - I'm afraid to even begin de-tangling but my paddle brush on dry hair has ever let me down. Finger de-tangling is a no no because where do I begin -my 3BC looking 4ABC becoming fro can't deal., . I also de-tangle in the shower now and again.

For now, these clips cover the essential basics and foundation to build any Wash routine/regimen for any natural hair.

I enjoyed these clips by Taren Guy and Jennifer-Rose and believe in the technique used. 

Today (Sunday) is wash day for most naturalistahs across the globe - go on - lovingly wash your hair.