Can I BE

Can I be....can I be that person who never stresses. Who takes your hit of the ball aka rant, hate, debate, critic, negative opinion, misunderstanding, misconception, misinformation, your unskilled copycat of me, can I take that hit and not bat it back but bat it out of the court. Can I be the person who lives in love as love with love by love for love - who will still tell you where to get off but in such a way that no hate formats just you thanking me for my honesty and love. Can I be that person who is not tempremental, who won't be moved should you throw all your toys out your cot or should you bring out your biggest knives and stab me in the back with it yet I still hurt yet move on knowing you will think of me one day and and one day love will have you recognize and apologise. Can I be that person who never gossips and whom you know not to come to with your gossip juicy or other. Can I be that person not controlled by the whims and turns of the river of life. Not controlled by money not controlled by power not controlled but in control of self. Can I be that woman strong and true yet soft hearted and teachable always willing always giving. Can I be that woman who stands on the Great I Am with every breathe trusting never squaring and knowing all with be well. With love still blazing in my heart and emanating through my every cell and being. Can I not need any S on my chest but rather a whole brazened armour of the strongest material in existence (I bet that material is love in it's entirety) the You that makes me and thus just BE..can I be me.