TGIN - Thank God I'm Natural - Thank God It's Natural

Being someone obsessed with all things hair, all things natural hair, all things healthy hair, all things me, I continue to bask in the beams of hair brightness that continue to reign for ethnic hair, natural hair, healthy hair in these exciting times in SA.
Thanks to the Healthy Hair Guru's we were recently treated to some quality hair 101 time with the beloved Chris-Tia Donaldson founder of the Thank God Its Natural Hair Care Line and writer extraordinaire of the book Thank God I'm Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Natural Hair. 
Delicious treats and cocktails were had and we delved into the product line as well as got some answers to our various hair care questions.To end it all off we also went home with samples - don't get it twisted, not the mini type samples enough to coat one strand of hair, nahhhhhh, real samples enough to go through a minimum of 2 uses - what more could a girl ask for.
Spending R50 on a ticket for attendance, surrounded by beautiful fellow naturalistas and leaving full and satisfied, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually - what more could a girl ask for.
I've been to the Maslow for evening catch-ups a couple of times before and knew that venue is SUPERB.

My cousins and I attended the event and took selfies galore.


I had tried out the TGIN range that same morning before the event - had my haul from the Hair and Beauty Expo and wanted to go armed with proper questions etc. - I loved the Shampoo and am yet to try out the Hair mask which has quite alot of positive rave and reviews. (If you watch some of these online series on YouTube, TGIN are delving into product sponsorship as part of the sign up packages e.g Issa Rae's Production Channel). Separate product reviews to follow.

If you didn't get a chance to attend this event let alone get your hands on some TGIN, they do ship internationally AND they are hoping to be available in South Africa from March 2015. Don't be too sad.

Can I also say thank you Healthy Hair Gurus and keep keeping on. I love how you are all building on substantiating the name Healthy Hair Gurus of SA - I hear that name or HHG and I know I won't be disappointed plus you go far and beyond my expectations. You are truly helping the natural and healthy hair community in SA. Sign up to their mailing list HERE to keep abreast of upcoming events.

Chris Tia was open and gave us insight into her products as well as her self. I believe many of us naturalistas resonate with her story and her journey and from it we don't just learn but we have someone to lean on, someone to cross check with, someone who gets us and someone who shows us we too can overcome. Visit her product site for starters and go on and get her book if you can.
We also took selfies with her lol.

Attending these small intimate type of events allows for your voice to be heard should you have any questions. It also allows for more listening to be had - more to be said, more to learn and more to teach. I have noticed how there are always a few of us who listen with the intention of responding - we listen to answer instead of listening to learn - we may know what we know but I believe there is always room to learn. For example, you may know about washing hair but someone might give you insight into the amount of water to be used or even the quality of water, hard water vs soft water and how to overcome hard water etcetera etcetera. Lets be empowered to empower to be empowered. We receive to give to receive again.

TGIN- we await.


  1. It was lovely meeting you and your cousins. Your hair looked amazing!

    I do agree with you about your comment on the question and answer sessions. It got a bit awkward when people clearly were not looking to hear each other.

    All the best. Love your blog.

    Mary- Anne


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