Whilst we are still talking TGIN - Product Review

TGIN - Thank God It's Natural Product Review

TGIN - Moisture Rich Sulphate Free Shampoo
TGIN - Triple Moisture  Replenishing Conditioner
TGIN - Honey Miracle Hair Mask
TGIN - Butter Cream Daily Moisturiser
TGIN - Twist and Define Cream
TGIN - Argan Replenishing Hair and Body Serum - not used in this instance.
The hair loved: How soft it felt and how easily it could be detangled  (Note that good tools or technique go hand in hand with product). Hair smelt great, no let me say, hair smelt heavenly. Scents of all products were not over powering but enjoyable enough to want to smell the scent all the time. Most favorable of the collection was the Shampoo which does not have much lather but has alot of slip and moisture. I saw an immediate transformation to my hair. The Mask is also a favorite and does what it says it will do in terms of being a deep conditioning treatment/mask. Hair was left with good curl definition and also softness, hair was light and bouncy and colour looked revived. The daily moisturizer also proves to be good at just that - a DAILY moisturizer, not too heavy on the hair and keeps hair moisturized for as long as possible. The twist and define cream was used in a twist style and certainly held the twist together considering the hair - my hair - does not have much volume for twists. (hair is slightly on the 'fine' side). The products will be used in other ways and this post will be updated.

The hair wanted more or less of: Just styling after the mask is not enough. Additional moisture or appropriate sealing in of the moisture looked to be required and rightly so - a mask is a treatment and not just to be used on its own in the whole process of caring for ones hair. Also if you are someone that likes additional shine then this will need to be added soon after rinsing the mask out. I think the atmosphere was just jealous of how soft and supple and moisturised the hair was that it wanted some of that too. South african summers do require that the hair has another drink or sip of moisture later on in the day depending on hair needs. Hair could perhaps have done with a leave in conditioner from the same product line (this is being worked and hopefully should be part of the line soon). I have used the oil before and for me, the serum has quite a strong scent, nice but a little on the strong side. I would used it again just not all the time.

The hair did not take well to: The hair was quite content with everything.

You can find out how I got these products HERE, and my further catch up with the Founder HERE. The products can be bought off their website and one can find out more about the ingredients there. TGIN should be available on South African shores early 2015.

Sunday mid September found me just giving my hair some undivided attention. (Sundays or Saturdays are a number of people's wash days world wide). I don't always do the weekends, sometimes, time allowing or if time didn't allow some tlc and my hair is crying out for love then, I will tend to it in the evening during the week.

 I started off with a good wash using TGIN' s Moisture Rich Sulphate Free Shampoo followed by their Conditioner. I usually shampoo just once which seems enough for my hair. As mentioned the shampoo does not have alot of lather but has good slip (for me) and hair did seem enriched with moisture. (My hair was left feeling so good that it didn't seem to need a conditioner but I used one anyway). The conditioner was good, not a lot of slip and not too thick but did the job of a conditioner, perhaps one that could be used daily. Soon after I then applied their Honey Miracle Hair Mask, covered up with a plastic cap aka the shower cap and went about my business for the rest of the day. Evening time I rinsed and fell deeper in love with my hair and the colour looked like it was refreshed<heart eyes> (product build up does dull colour and at the same time product helps keep the hair moisturized, one has find the even ground).
After rinsing the mask out I decided to do some twists. As the hair was already detangled I just used a Denman brush to help smooth out the hair and I applied a little of the daily moisturiser/butter cream as well as the twist and define cream  - I just felt like using both. I did do some twists with just the twist and define cream and they still held well. Now I did small/thin twists (it took me 2 hours to do) as I wanted too keep the style for the week but I knew I would be kidding myself, my hair can be on the fine side therefore the twists will be quite a number but still feel like a few of them - there won't be enough volume and they just lay flat.
Smoothing was easy and I was armed with water in a spray bottle to dampen the hair as it dried.
No Filter - damp hair after rinsing out the hair mask
I kept this style for 2 days (lol) and on the Wednesday I undid them and just kept them as is only spliting a few thick ones. Thursday morning I co-washed with very little fiddling with the hair and afterwards, I applied the daily moisturising cream and I was good to go. My curls we different though, thicker and nicely defined as I had not combed out the hair and the twists had helped with the curl pattern and definition. They also blew in the wind (o:
Thursday's hair. (Fridays was similar but with more frizz)
I have used these products on a wash and go and they did a good job (mixed the moisturising cream and twist and define cream and applied with 'praying hands' (I usually use the 'praying hands'way so as not disturb the curl or create frizz but I will change and do more sections if I want more product). I will try these products using other techniques or styles and update accordingly.

We should see more of TGIN from March 2015....not sure if my current stock will last till then ..sniff.
Let me know how you found these products if you have used them.

Listening to my hair - are you?


  1. Hi, i am running a product needs survey on my FB site and TGIN came up. Do you have any info as to when and if these products are available locally? Thanks a mill. Silk Helmet Lady

    1. Hi Silk Helmet Lady (: TGIN is not yet available locally unless purchased via amazon or their website etc. I await a response from my recent query with them, last they said was no yet. (I have a feeling they put SA on the back burner just for now as they were busy expanding in Target and across the US. but that's just my opinion). I will advise as soon as I hear from them.


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