My hair this week - just fab. I made an appointment with Candi&Co for a colour and trim to be done on Tuesday this. They are are running a special where you can have your big chops AS WELL AS trims, basically getting rid of damaged hair for free provided you have another treatment or style done. 

I've been contemplating going lighter but at the same time I think my hair just needs more TLC as I didn't do any protective styling this past winter and neither did I stick to the JBCO challenge that I joined - okay I kept forgetting and life just took over but I'm back at it- well - from next week. So I booked the colour but still wasn't too sure. As my hair would have it - the day of the appointment - it decided that it didn't want to colour just yet. Starting at the beginning, on Monday I did a deep condition in preparation for the Colour: 
I used Design Essentials Curl Cleanser/Shampoo, (lots of lather) followed by the above Coconut Oil Protein Pack. Had it sit on my hair for about an hour, rinsed and followed with just the Shea Moisture Extra-Moisture Detangler (gift from a friend) and did some chunky twists as it was the evening and I was ready for bed. I didn't want anything heavy on the hair and at the same time I still wanted it to have moisture hence the use of just the Detangler which is conditions  and has some shine and Argan Oil.
Tuesday, I undid the twists and went about my merry way. I still wasn't certain of the plan to colour and I looked at my self and as Mr Brown would say, 'self, your current colour is still rocking and even changing and going lighter each week so do you really need to do this now? And self said well not really'. 

Soon after work I headed to Candi&Co, met with beloved Thabo (the fab stylist) and chatted about my thoughts on whether to colour now or leave it for later this year plus I also want more volume and thickness which is not happening at the moment and we decided to leave it be. He advised on the trim as well as a colour treatment boost (pictured). He also advised I get me some Pureology For Colour Treated Hair once I'm done with my current shampoo and conditioner supply (I'm trying to use up what I have - TRYING).

I saw the word 'red' on the box but thought well worst case scenario is it will just wash out. It actually didn't deposit the colour 'red' but revived the current colour overall and all is good. He does an amazing head message whilst washing your hair - talk about scalp and overall hair love. Soon after he blow dried and trimmed, we took about 1inchs (2.5cm) and in some places 2inchs (5cm) off and the hair still looked long. Man: I did feel it was a wee bit too much of the heat, BUT I have not used any straighteners/ghd or a dryer again since and I'm on day 4, still fresh😉

It's grown from the last trim he did in July. Being a Curly girl one doesn't really realize the growth or length of ones hair until it's been blown out straight. I was quite pleased even though my focus is health and if length comes along then great.
There is only one Tuesday left this more chance to take advantage of Choptoper. Take all the damage and unnecessary weight off add another service from their menu to take full advantage of the deal and let your hair smile!