Heat Damage - Is Real

Well....for someone who has used both hair color and heat for eons...my hair decided that it is not having any more heat...well...not for a very long time. The most I will do is low heat for more volume or more fro (afro). I share with you the good, the bad and the damage...

Heat Damage is real.
 Area with heat damage (need to clarify the hair from product build up)
Just took the scarf off hair

 Upon seeing me just after washing the blow out hair, my cousin raised an eyebrow and asked, 'heat damage' and I promptly replied. NO! I didn't want to face it,yet, I still held on to the hope that my hair would revert to its curls as it usually does. I knew it the moment the water hit my hair, the hair affected remained bone straight and flat, partially wavy. Its just a small section in the front of the head. The area that bears the greatest tension from up do's etc and also the area most exposed to the elements as well as the area where most heat is applied to keep the hair straight. Sigh.
The weird thing as well is that the ends are not really effected but mostly the new uncolored growth near the roots and unless I do a big chop, trimming won't help.
I have had a feeling for the longest while that things just aren't right with my hair and I didn't give it as much TLC as I wanted to over winter neither did I do any protective styling. I also blame age and my wash n go's and stress and we used a different heat protectant this last blow out session etc.
I am not dismayed, neither am I giving up. (just don't be surprised if you see me rocking another BC).
Recent Blow Out and Post Blow Out 
Going forward
I am doing more deep conditioning treatments...on the look out to try new DC treatments.
No heat - Thabo you are good but no more - we need to find a way of trimming without straightening. (Please let your stylist know about heat damage - they live and learn too)
I will also be doing a protective style - bring that Marley hair here.
I will be taking a hair supplement - just for overall hair and nail health - embracing all the help I can get.

My hair is better by the way- its been a few weeks already and I will persevere.

Some tips on what to do with heat damaged hair
- The overall consensus in the Natural Hair Community is that there is no cure. The heat has changed the structure of the hair at a molecular level and you have to trim the damaged hair off BUT you can however bring out the big guns and embark on more treatments as well as do more twists to tame or bring out the curl...yes it will just go straight again the moment you wash but at least you can still have some curl - even if they are not permanent. Fake it girl..
-Your hair may have become weakened - use whatever you can to strengthen the bonds that have become compromised due to heat.
- Apple Cider Vinegar remains a favourite.
- Protective styling can help preserve the new growth whilst you decide on cutting or not or at least the cut won't be too dramatic to bear as you will have new growth to show. In other words, you hold on to the damaged hair until the hair has grown enough for you to take off the damage. NB: protective styling does not mean you stop caring for your hair or your roots or your scalp - continue looking after them.
-Learn your lesson and if you have to use heat - apply loads of heat protectant and use low heat or just do some banding. There are a number of ways to stretch your hair without heat. Google is your friend.
- Alternatively, just cut and start again. I love our hair.

Some Key Words on the products you want to use:
>Reconstructor/Reconstruct - penetrates the shaft
>For Damaged Hair
>For Heat Damaged Hair
>Colour friendly

We changes, our hair changes.
We live and we learn.
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