Joan - What has been going on

My nerves are finally stabilising so to say...enough for me to get back to doing what I love ...why? Well, in 4 months I have:
- Registered for my Learners (Learners driving license)
- Got my Learners
- Fast tracked and learnt to drive
- Got my Drivers license
- Bought a car
- Am driving that car
Yes, in 4 months I have learnt to drive, bought a car and and am kinda getting there in terms of driving and not freaking out every time a car is behind me ...

The stress and the getting over a multiple of fears has really been something else. In my first week, if someone had said we will take the car off you I would have gladly handed it over and gone back to using public transport. Yes, I really would have.
Why I waited so long involves a number of reasons, living near work including at  one time living down the road from work for a number of years, having access to and using good public transport getting me from point A to B and in-between, having friends and family with cars kind enough to always have a passenger seat with my name on it, getting comfortable in numerous passenger seats and therefore no having much interest in the driver seat etcetera etcetera. So what changed?

With more and more beauty events and hair events coming up at all hours and in all areas and not having my event buddy who also would be my ride available at all times, and with work relocating to new and further premises and with wanting to explore more and travel more and well just be able to do more when I want no matter the time or weather....yes, my time as a passenger was indeed up and it was time to finally learn to drive.

I've met a number of ladies and men on the same path, who had various reasons that restricted them or did not warrant them to be able to drive and now, their times as passengers has also ended and they have had to take up their new roles as vehicle drivers. I encourage all to:
- DO IT AFRAID, fear will be there at every turn, just do it and do it afraid. 
- remain persistent and do not give up! (even if you are stuck in the middle of the road at a four-way crossing and everyone is hooting at you, let go of the wheel, breath, check that you are in the right gear, 5 point check, start  your car and drive)
- everyone will have something to say. Some will tell you what car to buy or what car not to buy. Stop, listen yes listen to what they have to say but by no means follow what everyone has to say. Breath and do what YOU and ultimately what God is guiding you in doing. 
- research, research and research again. Just like I say about shopping around before buying hair products, shop around before signing up to any particular driving school, shop around before buying a car, stop, breath, and research again.
- not all drivers out there are mean and nasty and have serious amnesia forgetting they too were once where you are, feeling what you feel and driving as slow as you are. Some will be patient and some will stop to help you (a heartfelt thank you to all the drivers out there who had mercy and a little patience - thank you). You learner driver are doing your best and you will get there.
- when all is said and done, no matter what stage of your journey you are at, TRUST that you will get there! I repeat, You will get there! (Schumacher will have nothing on you lol)!

When you cross the finish line, you take your experience and learning with you to the next race. The world may say it too late...the thing is...its never too late.