All the Very Best in 2015 is more than enough

My mantra for 2015 is More Than Enough...these 3 words will be my focus and the direction of my thoughts as I awaken each new day.
I am more than enough.
At any point in time You are more than enough for that moment, in that time.
I have more than enough.
I will attain more than enough in every area of my life.
I will attract more than enough good and no lack shall dwell in my presence.
More than enough will saturate every area of my life.
More than enough will permeate the air I walk in.
I serve a Father who is more than enough and has more than enough for me. Abundance is mine.

I wish you and all those whom you hold dear a more than enough year...come what may, if you can share something with another, be it your time or energy or belongings or just a piece of bread, it is more than enough x