Kalahari - not just books, ORS Curls Unleashed Curl Defining Cream Mini Review

Early last year, I was saddened when an online shopping site I much rather enjoyed shopping from, closed down and along with it, the distribution of a product I had just started using, ORS Curls Unleashed. The people behind the site advised that they were clawing back with the vision of improving their other similar ventures on South African shores, one being Kalahari

This weekend found me, amongst other things, placing an order for some ORS Curls Unleashed products via Kalahari. Whoop Whoop. I was almost out of my Curls Unleashed Curl Defining Cream which I recently started using again, (had it since early 2014) and being able to place the order let alone find the product again makes me do a happy dance. (this after numerous responses from ORS_SA about checking Foschini and finding nothing)

I have found some products to work differently depending on a number of factors for example, seasons (winter, summer etc), what other products they are combined with or what style or even method they are applied with. My hair was much shorter when I started using the Curls Unleashed Curl Defining Cream (R155 as at 8 Jan 2015) and although I am still on my quest to find the Holy Grail for my hair, the hair still liked the product.

The hair loved: That it seems to remain moisturised longer and isn't dry and dehydrated around midday on a hot South African afternoon. Hair has a nice shine right through the day. The curls are soft and bouncy.  The cream is heavy enough to retain the moisture and at the same time does not weigh down the hair. Day one hair is always great. Curls are defined and although there is still shrinkage, its not as dense which is nice. This is on a wash n go style whereby the product has been shingled into the hair. No crispy feeling once dry on day one and day two curls.The hair also loves the packaging and size of the product.

 The hair wanted more or less of: More defined definition and slightly less of the softness...have you ever lol. BUT this is really dependant on the curl one wants to achieve. Sometimes I want a wash and go with more hold and sometimes the soft bouncy curls are just perfect. I am yet to try a twist out with this product and will update accordingly. My current jar has about a quarter left which will soon be gone so that the new jar can be opened.

 The hair did not take well to: The scent. It is not over bearing but this is more of a nutty, oatmeal, raw shea butter type of scent. Since its not overbearing I don't mind it too much and worse case I just spritz another product over the hair if I long for another type of scent. The container is great but the actual cream looks like an oatmeal, pale cream colour type of gue. Don't be put off, it still does the job. Lastly, my hair prefers to use this product on freshly cleaned hair. I have tried to apply it on second day curls (without adding water or a spritz) which wasn't too bad as the curl was still nice and bouncy but come day 3, my hair was not having it. It felt like it had gel, flat and unmoving and definitely in need of a wash or co-wash. As I say, your hair is your hair, it may like or dislike other things about any product, find what works for YOU.

In terms of technic I have used the curl defining cream as part of my wash and go. I use it as the last product after the leave in and sometimes very little oil. As mentioned, I will update again after I have done a couple of twist outs.as well as upload more pics.

From this product range, I also have the Second Chance Curl Refresher, No Boundaries Leave-In Conditioner and the Let It Flow Shine and Define Mousse, Reviews for each to follow at a later date. More details on the product as well as videos and help can be found HERE
(as at 8 Jan 2014, Kalahari offered 3 products for the price of 2 as well as free delivery, so seize the deal while it lasts) 

Well done Kalahari on expanding your product line. Delivery was super quick too and it was also very easy to use the site to place the order as well as make payment (used my eBucks whoop whoop). The site also stocks other ORS products and other brands.

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Listen to your hair.