Rubybox - Beauty and Brains and Catering for so much more

So I took advantage of a sale on hair and beauty items via the ever growing and already quite popular, viva la sale.

For over 2 years I have been subscribing to their monthly Beauty box containing a number of surprise sample and full sized beauty and hair goods for one to try out. I have also attended a couple of their Beauty Night Outs over the last couple of years and enjoyed myself, loving the concept of being pampered whilst out with the girls and the ability to do some beauty shopping too - what more would we want. Their beauty boxes have indeed introduced me to some 'go to' products which I don't think I would have tried out otherwise. Towards the end of 2014, Rubybox changed their boxes to include more full sized items than samples and to be honest, personally, I prefer the old boxes that had more samples than full sized items to try...I just feel we had more variety, although I do like having full sized items to try :), (can't please us all lol). I also prefer the old price too, it was just more value for money, and now, I'm not so sure. You can also build your box from a set choice of goods. (I stay clear of this as I like surprises (:)
I also really like the new packaging that comes with the option of saving some trees and foregoing the pink box for just the brown box that the pink box usually comes in...Rubies will understand. (I also reuse these boxes for gifts).
A Rubybox subscriber or anyone who purchases from their site also earns rubyrands (reward system) which they can use against another purchase. The more surveys and reviews and purchases one makes, the more rubyrands they earn.
The website is very user friendly and easy to navigate and an extra bonus (in my opinion) is that when scrolling down their list of products, it automatically loads the next page of products if there are indeed more to view. (I loathe clicking 'next' or page 2 etc. on and on and on and then having to click back when there is something I want to go back to)

Now, the main point of this post, I love love love that Rubybox have both hair and beauty products and related goods, some locally manufactured such as BEAUCIENCE  as well as imported or international brands such  as AUSSIE and DR.ORGANIC. What I love even more is that they have expanded their forté and stock and options to include the likes of the following: (some of which you may know or have heard of or have seen in one or two Clicks stores and have been trying to get your hands on)
- JO'M / JO M all natural, locally created and manufactured hair and skin products. (kudos to the new packaging Jo)
- ORS Hair Care mainly missing is the Curls Unleashed line which I hope to see as an option one day. (as always shop around/research before making a purchase of anything, I got the ORS Hair Mayonnaise here as it was not available at Kalahari and it was on sale so cheaper than in the local stores - as at the date of this post)
- AMLA INDIAN OIL (some benefits to be found HERE)
- TWISTED SISTA products
- HAIRGENX supplements
- SUKI SUKI NATURALS which is soon to be available and also locally produced.

They also now have the likes of Revlon, Jabu Stone, Motions, ISIS Wigs and Weave extensions and more. Nowadays, online shopping is definitely growing in South Africa with more sites to choose from and extensive product choice, you have no excuse. (One reason for the availability of these products is the move over of another online beauty supply site called FAB4LESS, who have moved across or 'merged' with Rubybox, whoop whoop and welldone) 

From to Me to Rubybox - since your product line is expanding and you already have a great repertoire and know about beauty and hair boxes....could you pretty please start a Curl Box for South African Naturals? (similar to Curlbox, or Curlkit). In additional to international suppliers such as ORS or Design Essentials, maybe have a chat with locals who have a natural hair care lines such as HEY GORGEOUS and LUSH SOUTH AFRICA there in Cape Town and elsewhere across the country and expand the range of samples for the curl box. You can also enlist the help of various Natural Hair Gurus or bloggers, myself included (see a previous post ) to advise on what to put in these boxes and where to market them and to also draw guides or advise/fact sheets on how to use what is in the box. You will not regret it!!!

There now SA Naturalistahs...I am putting it out there (:

Anyone can feel free to contact me regarding this and MORE ideas.

Listen to your Hair
For the love of the Curl