The Aphro Comb - Review


December saw the arrival of Phro Group's range of products. to our glorious shores. Bring it on world!
The Zimbabwean, Australia based Phro (Lani Masuku) has been on her natural hair journey for a while, from setting and following various hair challenges to dishing out advise on hair regimens; the creative beauty that she is has now come up with a range of goods, appropriately named Basics, simple and straight to the point. Together with the range she has appropriately branded scalp conditioning applicator bottle - if I can describe it like that - the Aphro Comb. What a JEM (yes with a J).

Now, if you have tried various methods of getting oil on your scalp, sometimes enlisting the help of anyone nearby, boyfriends included and sometimes making a mess of the process or missing some areas or giving up because its taking forever to part your huge fro and the use of a nozzle bottle gets the job done BUT you know it can be a process to complete. If you want it done quicker as well as with greater surface cover (more oil on more scalp in one go) and if you want to easily measure and combine your oil mix if using more than one oil or other ingredient, then, the Aphro Comb is the way to go.
Do note, there are other versions of the same bottle out there. I have not come across any in SA as yet but certainly in other countries. e.g Roots Only Applicator  .They go by different names but same sort of bottle hence me saying Phro Group have branded theirs the Aphro Comb. (superb)

The scalp loved: the ease of use right from the get go when mixing and measuring oils (or other ingredients), the oils do not need to be measured in another container beforehand, it can all be done in the bottle as the bottle has a scale measure on the side. When using the scalp conditioner one can control the amount of oil that comes out easily, just squeeze more especially if using a thicker oil such as castor oil and squeeze less or not at all if using a thinner oil. One does not really have to part small sections of hair, (unless dispensing not just the scalp but the hair as well) you can part slightly larger sections as more scalp is oiled in one go. After massaging, the scalp was indeed happy and in less time. The scalp also loved that the bottle can be used for other products/ingredients and not just oil such as conditioner or treatment or a home made hair growth mix that you need to ensure reaches the scalp and hair. This bottle can also be used to dispense hair dye for jobs done at home. <big grin>
The hair closest to the scalp also gets to be detangled whilst you are at it OR, and this is also great, run the Aphro comb through a section of pre-detangled hair and apply the oil or other product literally from root to tip.

The scalp wanted more or less of: A separate lid to close the bottle as in its current state you definitely have to keep it somewhere safe and out of harms way - so it doesn't topple over. I would have to remove the contents if travelling with the bottle. The ends have tiny holes which do not close. A way of working around this is not to put too much product in the bottle, just enough for immediate use. There, all sorted.

The scalp did not take well to: nothing to be noted here. All is well in the world of keeping ones scalp and hair healthy.

To get your hands on a bottle: You can buy online via their site and I think they do international deliveries from Australia BUT if you live in Zimbabwe and South Africa see HERE for details (South African based folk can contact Nontle/Zinzile on 073 464 2328 as a start. The local website is still under construction but I will update this post as soon as it goes live.)
There is free delivery in South Africa (I know my Cape Town based naturalistahs will do a happy dance). I couldn't wait and did a pickup from their Fourways JHB location - easy.

Pricing as at Dec 2014 and I'm sure is still current but just check with them:
Castor Oil – R250
Coconut Oil – R250
Shea Butter – R250
Complete Basics Range (Castor, Coconut & Shea) – R700
Aphro Comb - R150

I also got R50 discount for buying 2 bottles and I picked up the Shea Butter which is 100% Organic refined butter - very white in colour with a very light scent to it. Nice really if you prefer the refined to the raw unrefined. This refined butter is good to use as is, on its own without mixing it with anything else. (review to follow). There are more articles, advise as well as videos on how to use their products via their website or follow Phro.

Thanks Zinzile for the great service and allowing me to collect on the same day as I placed the order and thanks Phro for putting up with my bugging about the arrival of the Aphro Comb. Its here and I am ever so glad.


  1. We love your honest review of our Aphro Comb and the Shea Care. We also note particularly the 'want more' section and are working on that as we speak. We truly value your support, input and thank you for reviewing our products!


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