Dark and Lovely Colour Intensity Amber Blonde Hair Dye - South Africa

Early January I decided to colour my hair at home (nothing new as I have done so for years in the past). This is after experiencing a Demi colouring session applied by a professional. Why go back to colouring at home you might ask...because the stylist who applied my colour is no longer at the salon I went to AND I'm not ready to trust anybody else, nope not with colour. (see my post on my demi colour experience HERE) plus I didn't want to pay so much for a service/treatment I wasn't sure I was going to be happy with if I had to go anywhere else.
Here I am or there I was, sucked it up and coloured my hair at home.
Now, I was using Inecto before doing the demi, but this time around I decided to try Dark and Lovely's Colour Intensity Amber Blonde which they have recently released on to store shelves. Umm you will notice that I am drawn to the blonde colours lol.

The Hair Loved: I tried to find something to love but need to keep it real. I guess I love that my hair is still intact. The Dark and Lovely Hair Dye overseas (which I used to use but could not find anymore in SA) are slightly different to this locally produced one. They also come with some aftercare packs (conditioner) etc.. but this Colour Intensity Amber Blonde hair dye did not have any after care pack/conditioner at all. Not everyone knows to condition the hair after colour to replace some of the lost protein (in my opinion - some people may feel product so soon after may strip the colour) so not having this in the pack was a bit of a concern for me. Even if I never used to use them. (I use my own stock of conditioner after or just do a ACV rinse to lay my cuticles flat again - note ACV has been found to strip colour - do not do often). Also, at least the hair took to the colour which is good as colouring hair is risky especially if doing it on your own at home.
I do a deep condition especially a protein deep condition a couple of days prior to colouring. (In this instance I used Palmers Coconut Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack.)
The hair before the colour session and the deep conditioner I used
The Hair Wanted More or Less of: More care. My scalp in the back region of my head began to tingle soon after applying the colour. The tingling persisted right through the process and I just put up with it and tried not to scratch. I do not encourage anyone to do this - for the sake of R30 (which is more or less what this hair dye cost), rinse it out immediately and go and have it done professionally. I put up with it and once the colouring time was up, rinsed and conditioned. I also did an ACV rinse. For me personally this helps assure me that the dye is neutralised (a stylist once told me that 1)hair dye needs oxygen to process - so not cover your hair when colouring - and 2) hair dye once exposed has a time limit - it will stop processing after a certain time on its own - how true this second piece of advise is I cannot guarantee - I still rinse well and even co-wash the next day.).
 During and post colouring
The Hair Did Not Take Well To: I don't think I will be using this colour and brand again - not this locally produced product of theirs. Why can't we have what the rest of the world has. (Yes Dark and Lovely - I do know very well that you have a booming and fairly liked Natural Hair Care Line which  I am yet too see on South African store shelves  - do we not deserve ALL of your very best?).
Some weeks later - the colour is slightly faded and yes the fact that I use a lot of water and good colour friendly products may play a part in this - the Demi I had done last year changed in tone but lasted much longer. My ends are also lighter than the rest of the hair which comes with colouring at home territory. I am also noticing more white hair stands than I did before so much for trying to get rid of them aka hide them.
Dark and Lovely overseas, the UK included.

Maybe ONE DAY we will have Shea Moistures Hair Colour Range as well as  hair dyes from Crème of Nature. In the meantime as mentioned in past posts - do your homework, research research research and as I say colour at home at your own risk. As much as I sometimes personally feel that home colouring isn't as risky as having your hair coloured by someone who is not too confident themselves especially with natural hair (salon products are also more intense) , colouring takes your hair to another level and needs a whole lot more CARE. I will being doing more posts on colouring hair especially if doing it at home. So know what you are getting in to and worse case there are products to remove colour and learn how to care more for your colour treated natural hair or just BC - I love our hair.
Scalp and hair being treated to some oil

Listen to your hair as always.


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