Hair Growth and Hair Growth Cycles - The Science of Black Hair

I enjoyed this video by the renowned Audrey and yes I love her book and follow her everywhere (she has also released a book called the Science of Transitioning - yeyi). It is simple and easy to understand and gives some key points if you are obsessing with hair growth or want to understand why it seems your hair is not growing yet you know hair grows  - curly hair grows.

'Whilst we can't really control our genes, and have limited control over our hormones, we have to focus on areas where we do have control and that is length retention.'

That statement is so true. Hair growth serums and pills may help but what about the strands already barely hanging on or the strands you have and need to nurture.

After having my year of BCs and rocking my TWA 2012, my current just below shoulder/chin length is from 2 years of growth and nurturing. I am more about hair health than hair length but seeing strands on that paddle or Denman brush or on my hand or in the shower saddens me and I do want to see my hair's full potential, even with the colouring and dyes I use. So, Retention, Retention! BUT, and here's how the Science of Black hair just makes sense...the various ways and hows of putting into practise Hair Retention tie in perfectly with promoting hair health...healthy hair is retained hair. Healthy hair is long hair!

If you are not following a routine as such (including protective styling) or if you are not using products that are good for your hair and good for you and if you are not drinking your recommended amount of water etc. etc - please, I implore you. Now is the time to look into these things. Now is the time to listen to your hair and love your hair and get to know your hair and see your hair grow.

(Visit those Vloggers and bloggers and read those articles and research research research into what you can start doing to help you hair - throw that fine toothed comb away too)

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  1. Your tips are remarkable. I regularly read your blog and its very helpful.

    1. Thank you so much and thank you for the support x (this inspires me to keep going)


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