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I have a ton, yes a ton of magazines at home - yes those covers call me and woo me over as I walk past those store shelves. Yes I enjoy collecting my points at Clicks and enjoy my monthly 'splurge' on those colourful, informative, sometimes with free samples or sunglasses, read once and thrown to a pile, magazines. Yes, yes, I have kindle and internet and other apps but just like nothing beats the smell and feel of a new book, sitting down and putting my feet up with a magazine is indeed therapeutic. (I have a couple of magazine subscriptions too but prefer to just walk in a store and buy it once it hits the shelves)

However, one of the things I have decided upon is to be more frugal or more economical and to exhibit more of the stewardship and custodian characteristics of someone who cares for her planet. Re-cycling or saving some trees being key. Having a pile of magazines collecting dust in my home is just not on. Signing up to digital editions defeats the object especially since most magazines/publishers have their websites updated with more or less the same articles that that they take to print. AND, there are other mediums to use that give free access to the digital copy. Amongst many, I enjoy using ISSUU.

So what does that have to do with hair….

Well, there are actually a number of not just magazines but published content about natural hair and apart from 'googling' them you can access them via ISSUU. You also don’t really need to have the ISSUU app as you can use the same functions off their site.

I’m always going on about doing your research; you can use ISSUU for that too. Articles in magazines about natural hair are quite educational and informative and they also have versions of some writer’s/blogger’s free e-books/newsletters available. They don’t just cater for hair, they cater for pretty much everything. From recipes to home deco to fashion to educational material….all under one roof so to speak. Global/International content as well as historical content waiting to be read – older issues etc. You can easily share and embed content to your own site and they have various packages if you would like to use the platform to publish your own content/written works

In their search box, type in ‘natural hair’ and voila…you will be kept occupied for a long while. You can also follow members with ISSUU so you are updated whenever new content from that member is published. One of my favourite's (and there are many):ISSUU:The Natural Haven
Learning for your hair.

(The ton of magazines will be used for a vision board as well as distributed to hair salons and my nephew’s pre-school by the end of the month)