Tender Loving Hair Price Increases 1 April 2015

Tender Loving Hair (TLH) have the largest range of Shea Moisture products (the kids range included) as well as JBCO products ...I have found them to be currently the cheapest too (comparison as at 17/02/2015 below)..so...if you are going to spend some R's on your hair, then might as well do it before 1 April . Thanks for the heads up Tender Loving Hair

As an example below if a price comparison for Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil - Regular (JBCO).
TLH - http://goo.gl/HcdGQn R155 4oZ and R260 8oZ
Birkeye - http://goo.gl/2Aly...L3 R195 4oZ and no other in stock
Ruutos- http://goo.gl/OHQWiK R195 4oZ and R280 8oZ
Obulunji - http://goo.gl/DzS8X3 No 4oZ in stock but the 8oZ usual price is R279 (on sale at R219)
Natmoisture - http://goo.gl/SWA2lm R190 4oZ and R290 8oZ

There are other sizes and other variants of JBCO and other sites too, always shop around/research before buying.

You can read more about what I last ordered with TLH HERE

Listen to your hair.