Fro Rock a Party

2015 certainly seems to be the year of Fro-cation - education of our natural hair - one method being meeting up and sharing and learning from each other. I love it.
Last year we saw an increase in the presence of natural hair products (with more promising to come) and access to natural hair products and the next step is surely running its course - more how to's and when to's and why to's - BY US and FOR US.
The fabulous month of March has/had me attending something to do with hair at least once each week at various venues in Joburg - WOW - each week....that's certainly a first and a sign of the greatness that is happening.

I'm an ideas person - and have always said execution is my demise - procrastination is the thief of the little spare time I do have - sigh...and seeing people actually putting plans and thoughts into actions is really inspiring. Well done. Keep it coming

Some members of the Fro Party Team/Hosts

The FroParty.
Took place on Saturday 7 March
At Bean Republic Melrose JHB
Start time was 10am for 10:30am and my cousin and I got there late - sigh.>>>>>>>the beloved cousin>>>>
The hosts had just started the talk so we were glad we hadn't missed much. Picture a room of glorious fro's in all sorts of styles and textures and all dressed in white,
Beauty is thy name O'Woman!

I just wanted to take individual pictures of everyone's hair but had to contain myself. The hosts are just like you and me, finding their way along their hair journeys and doing something for us all to be a part of. The explained in one of the organiser's (Nomgqibelo)blog's  ''It's just a bunch of us girls sharing our stories about our hair, this touches a lot on our identity as well. We share about our regimens, products that work, mixtures (yes we make our own stuff as well) that work and all sorts of things. Plus we're women, we kind of don't run out of things to discuss. ''
At this particular meet up we were graced by the lovely Carice Anderson, who contributes monthly about hair care to Destiny Magazine and who is also one of the renowned Healthy Hair Guru's. We had a spectacular afternoon and we got to hear more about Carice and her life and her hair journey and when I say most of what she spoke resonated with me on many levels...I mean it. If you ever get a chance to just hear her out...don't miss it.
Carise doing her thang
One of the things I find unique to the FroParty group, they actually make a few notes for you of key points that were discussed at the meet-up and email it to you, 'take aways', thank you. Please continue with that as a lot of us get home and have had such a nice time when we try to remember key things that were said we can't lol. Here are some of those points:
- Define your own standard of beauty. We need to stop striving for a standard of beauty that did not have us in mind when it was set. 
- South African women do ACTUALLY have good hair
- You can't control your genetics but you can control your routine and how you treat your hair
- Focus on the health of your hair rather than the length
- Every girl needs a satin scarf (and a satin pillowcase just for control *wink wink*)
- It is possible to get back your edges, it takes time and dedication 
- You don't necessarily have to twist out every night (this was a big revelation for one of the ladies in the team, it has since changed her life) 
- Use a wide toothed comb else smaller combs WILL break your hair 
- Comb from tip to root, this helps detangle - also your fingers are the best detangler because they can undo knots that a comb can't
- Moisture is strength, so detangle when your hair is moist
- SUPPORT! SUPPORT! SUPPORT! Find someone to walk this journey with because when the going gets tough it can be very easy to just give up on those coils 
So we had all of this empowerment to walk away with, we definately felt the love and care and I was ready to get home and detangle my fro as well as think up a new hair regimen. Over and above this,  we munched on fabulous cream-cheese icing cupcakes, and took home goody bags comprising of a Satin Pillowcase, hair grip/hair clip and a DIY/Home made spritz sample - what a nice idea.
The Next Fro Party is scheduled for Saturday 16 May...I have already booked my seat lol, okay okay I will be keeping my eyes peeled so I can book my seat.
The Fro Team have a whatsapp group so members can have instant help or motivation and inspiration. If you would like to connect with them just drop them an email.
To the FroTeam - keep rocking!!!
To Carice - Thank you and we ran out of time before you could continue telling us about your regimen. Can you write a book for us please? :)
Listen to your hair and if it wants to party let it...
The Photographer Extraordinaire Rotondwa Mudau who took all the following Pics:

Fro Rock A Party


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    1. #latereply Thank YOU. I await the next meet up in May..


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