Smart Brown Girls South Africa - HHG Presents Jouelzy

As I've said in a previous post - this is the year we TALK and LEARN and LOVE our hair FOR US and BY US.
Saturday 14 March brought with it a really fabulous event - a Meet and Greet with a renowned blogger and female extraordinaire Jouelzy of Smart Brown Girls.
I only came across Jouelzy in the last 2 years and to be quite honest - just as she is quite honest - she came across as what I would call 'rharha' - says it as it is and I was a little apprehensive whilst in the same breathe excited about meeting her. If there's anything in life I have learnt it is know a person FOR YOU not by hearsay or what you have read! She is a good person and has a lot of heart in her beliefs and message and yes, I would certainly attend any other meet and greet with her again.
The poster for the event was quite detailed - it was a meet and greet with Jouelzy - sponsored by Ruutos - an afternoon full of hair tips, prizes and more, open cash bar. Often an event will detail more or less what the event will entail and include and if there are to be goody bags, the poster will say so, if this is not on the poster then it is likely not to be at the event. The afternoon was as described and a really fun time with fellow naturalistas.
This was the first natural hair type of event that my sister attended and she enjoyed it and had a good time. My cousins and I have been to whichever ones we can get to and will continue to do so. You have to understand, these type of meetings for us have been far and in between if any at all. Why go? Its a chance to have face to face time with the organisers or guests and to be surrounded and inspired by beautiful fro's and women who are walking similar journeys as yourself no matter the starting point. They are women on a quest to healthier hair and healthier and more loving not go? Why pay a fee? Well, the organisers are often just like you and me but the difference is that they have taken time and effort to put an event together for you and me. They may also have jobs and family and be living life like you and I and if they can still put something GOOD and MEMORABLE and WORTHWHILE together, money is needed. I really applaud anyone that does this for us and so should you. We don't have to just be reading blogs and watching YouTube clips and sending emails with our questions, we can actually come together and talk. And ladies, common, you know we love to talk, talking is part of who we are.
The venue is often not free and needs to be paid for, unless you have room for more than over 30 ladies at your house, then please, let us all know so we can come and visit (: If there are any refreshments, these too need to be paid for. Sometimes, guests and helpers of the event need to be paid or receive a love offering for their time and efforts, visiting guests from overseas are no exception unless they have their own sponsors. Spongers are more than appreciated and more than welcome (if you would like to sponsor these type of events please always step forward - you not only get exposure but you get your name out there. It doesn't matter whether you get sales. Plant seeds which will one day GROW especially if you are new in our South African market). Sponsorship can also take a number of forms, its not always goods and products. It can be in the form of cash or paying for certain aspects of the event. To still walk away from an event of this nature with something, anything, is a bonus. You try and going to whatever brand asking for free stuff, try coming to me and asking for free stuff lol...maybe the first or second may be lucky but certainly not all 50 of us.
So that was just me saying it as it is with love and hopefully giving some insight into these types of things. Fairies do not clean-up your kitchen and do all your ironing...nothing good just falls from the sky (unless its manner from heaven (: in the days of old) give and you reason, you plant and you reap.
So I met Jouelzy and met a number of lovely ladies who follow my posts or other social media presence. Thank you for the love. Shout out to Nana and Candice.
Jouelzy kept it real and didn't just talk hair, she spoke a little about the politics of hair and the various views of hair both from her experience being in South Africa and her experience in the States. One of my conclusions from the conversation is that when it comes to us loving us and loving our locs, we may just be more ahead in our states of self worth  and self embrace than other women in the world. Hearing this just further inspires us and lets us know what we have always known, this is not a just phase or a movement or a trend, this is us and we are here to stay.
 I had also pre-ordered my Smart Brown Girls t-shirt which Jouelzy handed to me (note to self - check the exact size measurements before ordering so you don't order huge t-shirts lol). And as I'm sure you guessed, we took a number of photos at the event too.
 Competition Time
 Eating Time
  Selfie Time
We ate some yummy cakes - the brownies were on point! One of the Ruutos founders, lovingly known as Lucy, gave us some insight into the company's history and where they are now and why they are where they are - they are certainly FOR US (my head of hair has had a chance to be handled by Lucy's hands, my tresses were indeed loved and I intend on going back to her). Ruutos gave away vouchers worth R400 for scalp and moisture or protein treatments at their salon in Randburg (check out their new website HERE <heart it>).

We also walked away with copies of Destiny Magazine whom one of the organisers - a Healthy Hair Guru, Carice Anderson writes and contributes about hair to.

There were hair tips galore and prizes given and also Q and A time, plus you could just walk over and chat to and ask your questions in person to any of the Hair Gurus or Jouelzy.

Did I say it was a fun, informative and inspirational afternoon.
I look forward to more from the Healthy Hair ladies epitomise what each of us should be, gurus of our own hair and I appreciate that you are FOR US and help us by doing all that you do for us. Thank you.

See you at the next event beloved.
(PS: I have 2 Ruutos Hair Vouchers worth R400 to give away if you will be able to make your way to Randburg and it will expire on 13 April, drop me an email First come, first to receive (:)
Smart Brown Girl indeed.


  1. Thanks for such a lovely review of the event Joan. As always, we were very happy to see you there and constantly supporting. Big ups :)

  2. Thanks for such a lovely review of the event Joan. As always, we were very happy to see you there and constantly supporting. Big ups :)

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