Another way to colour your hair - Taren Guy Goes Blonde again (o:

I follow Taren Guy - an American based Vlogger because like me she is a 'colour enthusiast' with natural hair.

Colouring hair is a choice and as I have mentioned in a previous post (HERE), there are various risks associated with colouring hair hence why it is a choice. Do your research especially if you are quite happy with your curl pattern and current hair texture and hair health. Also keep an open mind as the results may differ to one's expectations - no matter what a stylist may tell you, the results are never certain and never the same - so many factors to consider. Also be prepared to show your hair MORE love as colour treated hair needs more care and using the right colour friendly products is essential.

So back to Taren - she has had her hair colour treated before (you can watch her previous videos and follow her journey) but this time around she had her hair coloured by Jennifer Rose (stylist extraordinaire) using a different - slower - technique which I just might ask a stylist I trust to look into doing it for me. Hopefully I will have the patience to follow through.

Part one of three -
Jennifer Rose (Stylist) shares so many important points such as:
- if aiming for a lighter shade then colouring the hair in stages such as 3-4 stages going lighter every 2 weeks gives the hair time to stay healthy and condition in-between sessions thus avoiding the often harsh effects of colouring hair in one go.
- as you go lighter using this method you might not like the colour after each session but be patient as the tones used can be lifted at the next stage.
-the only time you need permanent colour is when you are lifting as in going lighter, otherwise if you are going darker or just wanting to colour tones then semi-permanent hair colour is sufficient.
- there is no need to use bleach on virgin hair if going lighter or colouring the virgin hair - bleach can be quite damaging if used incorrectly or unnecessarily.

Part two of three -
Watch as Taren goes through stages 2 and 3 of the gradual colouring process

Part three of three -
in this last phase Jennifer uses only highlights to give Taren's hair the blonde she desires
-lightener can only lighten the hair - toner is very important as it smoothes down the cuticle and gives the colour more vibrancy
- Olaplex - I will be checking if this can be found in SA seems we can order and they will ship.

Taren's revised hair regimen and new products she has started using now that her hair is blonde again are detailed here: Please note that some of these products are not available in SA as yet - Joico is available from and and a few hair product stores in a number of Malls and Hair Salons.

Thank you Taren and Jennifer

Should I ever find myself in the States and cannot get an appointment with the Curl Doctor then I will head on to NYC and certainly visit Jennifer

As always research research research and listen to your hair