So you are looking for - Shea Butter and Satin Pillow Cases/Scarves inSouth Africa

I love that we are constantly finding more sources of hair loving products here in South Africa. We are still getting there but at least things are on the move and world changers are making their mark and making more products easily accessible.
I recently compiled a list of various information such as where to buy shea butter and where to buy satin pillow cases etc. for a talk I gave (more details HERE) and I thought it would also be great to share this info on the blog. 
This is as at May 2015 and this list is not extensive. I will continue to update it as I discover more and please feel free to drop me a mail or comment below if you know of any other sources. This list excludes listings on Junkmail, Gumtree, OLX and the like, as I have never used these sites and cannot vouch for any purchases from them. 
In Alphabetical Order:
SHEA BUTTER (check if unrefined or refined as well shop around for a good price before buying) An online Health Shop – please see any other health shops and even some pharmacies in case they stock.
Natures Wishlist - Instagram-Naturals_jhb  Also contact on and 084 260 0489 from R100 for 250g - From R70 (100g) (I have bought and used the unrefined shea butter from here) - From R110 (I have won in a prize the unrefined shea butter from here) - collect rather  than have it delivered otherwise do go ahead and have it delivered. They also stock various natural oils and other butters. (I have bought and used the refined shea butter from here)
DIY:I sometimes make my own shea butter mixes
Silk/Satin Scarves:  - About R50 Scarves and R100 Pillowcase - Large Satin Scarf about R50 - Satin Bonnets - email for orders and queries – Satin Bonnets about R100
Also check Dischem and Clicks Stores
Satin Pillow cases
Mr Price Home: - About R69 Satin Pillowcase From about R100
Alternatively just go to a Fabric shop and buy some good quality satin or silk material, cut to desired shape, hem the edges and voila you have a scarf or sew it to make a pillowcase. I have also seen a braid bag for when you have braids. The ideas and information and sewing patterns are endless. (I will be visiting Fiona's Fabric Shop in Randburg and will let you know if this idea works)
Enjoy and Listen to your hair


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