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A few months ago, I came across another supplier of imported hair care products via a Facebook group I signed up to called South African Naturals. The group is a great platform to not only ask questions about all things hair by South Africans and for South African but to also post various hair care information - more details can be found HERE. Someone mentioned Naturendi and I immediately went to investigate.

I was filled with glee when I found whole lines - not just one or two from any specific imported hair care line but whole lines of various products such as the following:
- Aphogee
- Curls
- Design Essentials
- Eco-Styler
- Jessicurl
- OBIA Natural
- Twisted Sista - (Imported items some of which are not in Clicks)
- Shea Moisture
- My Honey Child
They seem to keep adding various lines so I would suggest checking their site every now and again.

I went ahead and ordered the Aphogee Curlific Texture Treatment - why - because I wanted something effective and yet easy to use (to keep on my head for less than 5 minutes and yet still treat it) not just to restore the health of my curls but to also maintain my hair colour. I went a step further and looked up numerous reviews of each product I bought. I also included OBIA Curl Moisture Cream - why - because I just wanted to try the OBIA range as I have heard many good things about it and I chose the cream as I had read it is light and would probably act as a leave in as well as a cream. Initially the site showed the OBIA range as being out of stock so I sent 'Nature and I' an email that Wednesday asking when next they would have some and they responded that they were receiving a shipment on the following Thursday but a few hours later of receiving the response they sent another message letting me know that they had just unpacked some and updated their website. So. the next day, early Thursday morning - I placed my order.
Now I was due to go a mini break and wanted to receive my order before leaving, umm meaning I wanted to have delivery of the order by the Friday that same week - umm the next day - I let Nature and I know this. Sorry very last minute of me,  the excitement of finding the products got the better of me. However, I am happy to say - my wish was granted. I received my order Friday and sent a grateful word of thanks to Nature and I.

World-class service goes a long way and I am truly appreciative of the all the various online ordering services that make their customers a priority. Keep up these standards!

I have compiled a list of Suppliers of Imported Hair Care Products available in South Africa - see the list HERE

Reviews of these products will be done in due course.

Try new things and listen to your hair.


  1. Awesome to know about this online store as well. Thanks for this post!

    1. You are welcome and thank you for all of the love and support - much appreciated x

    2. You are welcome and thank you for all of the love and support - much appreciated x


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