Product Review - Design Essentials Natural Curl Cleanser

I will start by saying that this product was gifted to me by Nature and I to review. See more about Nature and I in a recent post HERE.
Regardless of whether a product is gifted or purchased, I keep my reviews honest and they are always of my personal experience and personal opinion.

So getting to it. I have used this shampoo a few times and found it be a good shampoo. Design Essentials is a range from an American based company who distribute this line through various locally based suppliers in South Africa. (via salons and online platforms like Nature and I)

The Hair Loves:  How soft the hair feels during and after using the shampoo. Some shampoos will leave the hair hard and dry until conditioner is applied but this Design Essentials Curl Cleanser still left the hair quite soft and I even detangled a little during the wash process. The hair also loved the consistency - it felt like and looked like shampoo and also had some clumping effect on the hair strands. The hair felt clean and yet still felt moisturised to a degree which was great. My hair also still had a slight healthy shine to it. So yes the product did what it said it would do. The hair also cannot place the scent but it is okay and not overpowering at all. This shampoo is easy to use and distributes fairly easily.

The Hair Wanted More or Less of: As much as the hair likes to see lather there was quite alot of lather with this shampoo. It requires to be rinsed out well which means just a few minutes more added to your hair wash process. I usually apply enough shampoo for one round of lathering but did apply and rub and rinse twice during one wash and still had to make sure I rinsed very well. It is not so much that you see the lather/foam but more that you feel and hear it in your hair. I did look at the ingredients, as, for me anything with the word 'ate' at the end will more or less be from the same group as sulfates and the second ingredient is Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate which is not as harsh as sulfates but is still used as a degreaser and in many industrial products as well as nearly anything that foams. It has however been deemed to be a gentle cleanser which causes little irritation if any at all. So I would still be a little cautious if you have very sensitive skin or scalp or have not used much additional oils and other products but everyone is different. For me - it did the job without stripping my hair especially if I have used a number of other products and do not want product build up.

The Hair Did Not Take Well To:   As mentioned above, this shampoo works for my hair. In terms of the packaging, the hair likes the colours and the bottle size is sufficient but the paper does tend to crease and wrinkle over time as one will hold it with wet hands etc. Not a train smash just mentioning it as the bottle will not stay pretty over time.
(picture on the left is when hair had excess water removed with an old tshirt and there was still some shine in the hair, no conditioner was used as yet)

Overall, would I use this shampoo again, a definite yes.
The design essentials range can be purchased from (there are a number of other places but as Nature and I gifted this product to me, I will only mention them in this post. See my wonderful experience of ordering from them HERE.)

There are various ways of washing ones hair if you do use shampoo, such as sectioning and washing each section or pre-pooing before shampoo or washing say every second day or once a week depending one's hair texture such as fine hair or thick hair and porosity. The main thing is to be gentle and rinse well. Find whats works for you and as always...LISTEN TO YOUR HAIR.