The JHB Natural Hair Winter Care 2015 Experience and Why I Attend These Various Meetups/Hair Events

Following a morning spent obtaining numerous keys to healthier living (see post Here), I spent a lovely afternoon at the JHB Natural Hair Winter Care session in Maboneng with Karabo of Afro Amour continuing her chairing and excellent master of ceremony skills taking us further through a well spent day. Margaret of Me Time Events continued her hosting and ensuring all had what they needed. Soup was on sale as well as hot drinks and muffins.
 Some lovely ladies in the audience as well as Karabo and some stylists from Urban Zulu Natural Hair Salon in JHB
The esteemed Shereen of Nubian Nature - what a classy and glamourous style which she achieved with a crochet hook and marley hair installed that same morning.
Why do I attend all these meet ups?
Well, why not? I cannot stress enough what it was like to read all about meetups in other countries and not have any here in South Africa. Seeing the increase of these meetups - which are well organised and fun filled events - is just exciting and I appreciate it, I appreciate the time and effort that goes into them as well as the fact that someone or some wonderful people decided to just do it for us and by us.
Why come together with other women?
Well first, the women (and sometimes men) come in all their beautiful natural glory (organisers and guests alike) and one has an opportunity to hear about their experiences and to relate and to be inspired and to be motivated to continue one's own natural hair journey and to not feel alone. You know how some of us still get some slack/negativity for embracing ourselves and embracing our hair, be it from family members or co-workers etc., so meeting with other women who rock their fro's gives us the chance to also hear someone say to us, you have beautiful hair, you are beautiful, you are you. We come together to share the love, love of ourselves, love of our hair and also love of each other.
 Above - Some of the lovely attendees and exhibition stands
One also gets a chance to hear about or discover hair products, meet the people behind the products, test the products, sometimes obtain samples and also get the chance to buy the products, Therefore one can save on delivery charges and even sometimes take advantage of reduced prices. Another great reason is that one can discover new brands and products or hair care items which they may not have heard of or know about if it weren't for these meetups/hair events. (Yes all of you brands, product producers/creators etc. you should be scrambling to get your products to these events and hounding these event organisers #justsaying)
Sometimes its not only hair care products but body and beauty products or items to assist healthy living. Sometimes there are items to add to ones wardrobe or accessories and sometimes there is a chance to support a charity or assist in developing our community.
Above - New to the market - Oh Curls - importers of International Hair Care brands and I'm enjoying their non-slip satin night cap. See their Facebook page for more info. 
Above-Left Afro Amour
 Right: The Silk Helmet Lady who also stocks Naturalment as well Giovanni hair products
Above - Yivani Body, Beauty and everything in between were also in attendance - I got some of the Melon Body Butter - yum - to purchase their products contact them directly or via Mzansifro 
Above - Left: The renowned Mzansifro and Noir Beauty Box were also in attendance. Right: Natural Moisture products 
 Above - Left: Also new on the market Nyla Naturals Right: Africa Grace and Better4life Natural Living products 
 Above - New on the market My Halo Hair exhibiting their high quality Marley hair and they also had pure Shea butter on sale - find out more on their Facebook page
It is not just about product/hair care items - we get a chance to learn, in person, about key techniques and methods of taking better care of our hair and ourselves. Sometimes we get to see demonstrations so we realise just how easy it is. I look forward to seeing more brand owners, salon owners and definitely more stylists at these events as its a platform to hear what a GROWING niche of consumers wants and needs (I am currently searching for an EXPERT to trim my delicate curls - hello out there)
 Above - Demonstration: 2minute Head Wrap
 Above - Isabelle of Mzansifro giving us guidance on taking care of our hair in protective styles  - 'Darlings, keep it basic, keep it clean, there is really nothing to it just more TLC'
 Above - Charlotte of Better4Life giving us guidance on natural healthier living practises - healthy body - healthy you - healthy hair
Above - Karabo giving us guidance on scalp care 
 Above - Annastacia of Zodwa Collection giving us tips on winter fashion with hats
It is also a place or platform to speak and be heard. There is always a chance to either share your own story or a chance to ask your questions and then to receive answers...well formulated, fact filled, knowledge filled, answers. Talking is part of who we are as women and talk is what we certainly do.

Lastly - at some of these events - well nearly all of them - you get fed <big grin> AND you sometimes walk away with a goody bag or product sample or there is chance to win a prize. But its not just about this - you ALWAYS walk away better than when you first got there! These events ADD to you - ADD to your life - ADD to your hair, so why not go where you gain as opposed to where you lose (o:
Yes you may have paid to secure at seat at the events but that money (quite reasonable amounts) goes towards paying for the venue or food or sometimes paying some of the assistants or speakers at the event or sometimes paying towards the next event or sometimes the organisers get something for their time and efforts - very rarely by the way. These events are not to make money off of you, they are to build and encourage you. (see my past posts on other hair meetups/events).

I enjoyed my afternoon and look forward to the JHB Natural Hair Summer Care 2015 which will be coming in a few months as well as other hair events - I hope to see you there.