GIVEAWAY - Chic Chick's Henna and Indigo Powder


Its been a fabulous Women's Month and as much as I am of the belief that we should be and are celebrated every day of the year I thought I would end one month off and start a new month with a Giveaway.

I did a recent post about Chic Chick - a supplier of healthy 100% natural products for skin, scalp, hair and nails. (HERE). I was lovingly gifted some of their products to try of which a packet of Henna Powder and Indigo Powder were included.
Now as I have curls that are colour treated with permanent colour, I am still deciding on some changes I would like to make to my hair, either use some Henna with Amla and Cassia powders or use a permanent colour (if I do the Henna then I cannot go back to permanent colour unless I BC) or a BC and permanent colour, I feel like I have too much hair for this heat and we are not even in to the proper summer months. SO whilst I decide on the way forward let me let you enjoy these products. I grew up using Henna in my teens on relaxed hair and I know it is quite a good product to have and use on any hair journey you might have. One must just ensure the balance between protein and moisture as Henna can be quite drying, I don't want this post to turn into a long one and will do a separate post or one on one guidance on the use of Henna. Please do your own research as there are a number of things to note and to learn about using Henna and there are even a number of ways of using Henna in order to get the colour you would like to achieve. Click the link to the Henna Mix Guide Below to get some guidance on mixing the Henna and Indigo.
Extracted from the Chic Chick website

A few points I found which make sense:

1) Everyone's hair is slightly different, and results vary.
2) Your natural hair color makes a big difference in the result.
3) The proportions of henna and indigo make a big difference in the result.
4) Other additives make little difference in the result.
5) You can completely cover gray hair if you keep trying.
6) Body art quality henna does a fantastic job.
7) You can use body art quality cassia, henna and indigo over perms, dye jobs and totally trashed out hair ~ safely!
8) Compound henna is trouble in a box.
9) The Quick Henna Mix Guide is simple, sensible, and reliable.
10) Apply henna and indigo THICK like whipped cream on desert.  More is better.
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To win this giveaway you need to:

  1. Subscribe to my blog and tell me why
  2. Introduce a friend who subscribes to my blog - by telling me your friend's email address so I can see
  3. Be at the Hair on Junction event at Newtown Junction Mall  - see HERE for details (sorry to those not attending)
  4. Be willing to share your experience with the Henna and/or Indigo if you win the Giveaway.
These packs are valued at R50 each from Chic Chick . 

*Chic Chick state that their Indigo is PPD free.
*As much as these were lovingly gifted to me, I am lovingly gifting them to you.

As always listen to your hair.


  1. Hi there, i went to the Chic Chick website and it is no longer there! i just want to find out if there is anywhere else in south africa that i can buy the henna and indigo online! it is the only hair colour that i can use because i am allergic to PPD and i am struggling to find a supplier that i can buy in bulk from :( any help please ladies! much love

    1. Hi Joanne
      Thanks for contacting me, I hadn't realised that their site was down. Just spoke to them and they are working on getting it back up and running in the next day or two (please keep checking - I also see that they stock some items on Zando as well but not the henna as yet). They are out of stock of their Henna and Indigo powders but should have some in another week or so. You can contact Cindy on (she is out of town today and tmrw but should respond as soon as possible). All the best and let me know how you get on x

  2. You are a superstar! Thank you so very much Joan! i really appreciate the effort that you went to for me... i cannot tell you how much i love that there are more and south african bloggers getting out there like this and posting quality content and relevant information! you are a awesome :) thanks again


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