BIOVEA - Online International Health and Beauty Store

I can be quite skeptical of things that sometimes are even a little good to be true. I got wind of BIOVEA via Mzansifro's Instagram page and I'm like mmmm what is that and where is that and why is that and off I went to the Biovea website. Lo and behold I started grinning once I went through all their available hair care products which includes some of the brands we hear about but are hard to find without buying them from other countries and having them shipped etc. One such brand is the much coveted and good things spoken about - Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo AND Conditioner (read the various reviews out there and we can get these via other avenues such as The Kinks Hair and other ranges from beau2you ) - but I was not just happy that I had found both the Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner but I was even more happy with the price which was R259 for both or R144 for each and the price reduces the more you buy. (these prices maintained as at 18 September 2015) And yes as kept grinning, delivery was free for orders over R299. You may not be one to spend R144 on a bottle of shampoo or conditioner and that's okay. Its just nice to see that sort of price for an import of that quality and brand. (review to follow). Once you have read the various reviews you might understand why its coveted in the curly world but there are loads more brands and products out there. Do you.
To make up the R299 I added some loose leaf tea filters for some herb tea I had and got my goods delivered for free.Yes they have quite a wide range including beauty products, diet and fitness, personal care, men, women, sexual wellbeing, kids, pets, food & home, organic items, vitamins and supplements and more. As I found them to be similar to Dischem and Faithful to Nature, I have classed them as a Healthstore.

My package arrived within in 3 days and I thought they might have a base in George but I think that is just the port of entry that Aramex (the delivery service) use. Biovea are global as I think they use aramex quite well and I am sure you can email them if you don't find your country location. All pricing etc was converted to Rands as I was using the Biovea South Africa portal and I paid via my paypal account but they do accept bank payments and card payments if I remember correctly.

I will be sure to use Biovea to cross check with when I make any purchases that include their range of product offerings.

Happy shopping and as always, listen to your hair.