Sister Scientist is calling All Product Junkies

Erica Douglas, lovingly known as Sister Scientist is a remarkable female super power. You can read more about her on her blog and also follow her on the various social media platforms. After signing up to her call to be a part of her Product Junkie Database and be open to receiving products to review (not guaranteed), I thought it would be great to email and ask her if there was indeed any chance of me and my fellow South Africans being utilized via her database as she and her team are based in the States. She gladly replied. I also thought it would be nice to share the opportunity with others here in SA and across the rest of the globe as I know I am not the only product ENTHUSIAST out there. So here I am sharing and I hope one day soon, someone/PR companies well connected to various hair care brands might want to do this in South Africa too.
Her database is similar to our Beauty Bulletin and Ruby Box etc. but more catered to hair care products. As mentioned I asked about the likelihood of me or other South African ladies who register ever being utilized and she positively responded that there are many of her clients who are interested in introducing products to the South African market but there are no active projects requiring reviews at the moment. You never know right. Also not everyone who registers may receive an invite to participate in a project until there are clients looking to launch in SA, its just good that they have our information on their system that should an opportunity arise then they can easily engage with us.

As much as I do not encourage anyone on being a product junkie, I am however always saying try something new and be open to giving your hair various healthy experiences. Also be conscious of the effects of the item you try and reviewing product is one way of making sure you do that. So if you are an enthusiast like myself, go on and register on Sister Scientists database  - follow the link in her post HERE.(o: If you don't want to register but would like to read some good articles and information then have a look at the rest of her blog site, you are bound to find an interesting read.

As always, listen to your hair.