The South African Beauty on TApp App - all Hair and Beauty Providers/Suppliers and Consumers TAKE NOTE

I'm all for local and all for good local innovations and advancements especially in the hair and beauty industries and especially if its in the promotion of embracing one's self as well as better treating ones self from massages to having hair cornrowed etc. (finding natural hair care specialists is still a dream of mine which I believe will happen one day). Right, in saying all of that, I was particularly excited when I came across Beauty on TApp on Instagram a while back. Imagine having an app that told you what was available to you in your area or even an area you were visiting and available in terms of hair and beauty services as well as products. Thankfully there truly is an App for that. 

Developed in South Africa and for South Africa. Its a database that allows both the hair and beauty brand/producer/manufacturer/service provider/entrepreneur and us the consumers/clients/customers to connect. I, and I am sure many others, are always getting asked where can I get that or where can I get my hair braided in Randburg for example. What healthy hair care products are available to me online and do they deliver in my area in Durban CBD for example. We now have a way of answering those questions for ourselves and basically obtaining access to this database via this app. Just download the FREE app via your usual means be it Apple App Store or Android Google Play/App Store etc and you are good to go. (free as at 22 Sep 2015)

 The Categories currently available on Beauty on TApp are 'Online Suppliers', 'Beauty Services' and 'Beauty Products'. The listings continue to increase and all the App developers need is you, dear hair and beauty brand/producer/manufacturer/service provider/entrepreneur to register, Even mobile services which are on the increase should register. Go to their website and do so, Once registration is complete you will be notified of the subscription fee (which I am sure is minimal and you can contact them if you would like to know about all of this before registering).  They have their own screening methods etc but nothing hard at all. Talk about additional advertising and additional promotion of what you have to offer. Talk about increased visibility of what you have to offer. Talk about increased customers even if they just contact you to ask a question, the point is, they now know about you. Beauty on TApp also feature those listed with them on their various social media or promotional platforms. So really, is there any reason why you would not want to register? (I also just found that they are noted as the Hot App in the October 2015 Destiny Magazine - good timing).

Now us dear clients/customers/consumers can easily see whats on offer, we just click the sub category of whatever we are looking for and then are shown a map with red dots - where the red dots are, are where the relevant service/product is available for the chosen catergory. So if you see red dots for Gauteng for example, just click them, the listed service/product provider shows and you click the i for more info. We can then easily see the contact details (phone, email, website, social media links etc) and profile of the provider of whatever it is we are looking for. We can easily even rate the service once we have used them giving honest feedback. All at the touch of some buttons on one's phone/tablet/touchscreen. If for example we see whats on offer and give the service/product provider a call to book for example, we can even just click the 'Route' button which then opens google maps to not only show where exactly the place is but can direct us there. Maybe one day they will update the app to allow us to make our bookings or even order our products from the many good things can come from this tool. We can also click the share button to forward the details to friends and family and anyone else. I don't know why I am explaining so much here - go on and download and have a look for yourself. (also follow Beauty on TApp on the various social media platforms to keep abreast of any news)
I personally think its a superb idea and tool for bringing all of us together and helping us find each other. I will be tagging all I know on all the social media platforms and emailing people about this (brands and consumers alike) and I hope you will to. This is for us - what more could we ask for. I approached Beauty on TApp and asked if I could do this post just because as I said, its a great tool. They gladly welcomed the offer and so here it is - go on, register if you have something to offer and  download if you want to see whats on offer and spread the word

(the database on the App is growing day by day - I have seen it - so keep checking it - if you don't find something today, it might be there tomorrow)

Love and listen to your hair and self


  1. Hey
    How do i download the App or is it only availabe for iOS?
    I've searched on the Google Play store and I can't find it :( I'm a customer and this would really be useful

    1. Hi Daphney
      I just checked Google Play and it is there, if you will please search again, make sure the TApp is TApp and not tap...let me know how you get on and I hope you enjoy using the App. x


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