What went down at The Hair on Junction Event

Margaret Chandia of Me Time Events put together another awesome gathering for all things hair and so much more. She kindly asked me to be a guest at/part of the event and although I was a little apprehensive, I didn't hesitate in saying yes. The event was free to attend and took place as part of the Heritage Month festivities at the popular Newtown Junction in Joburg. Saturday 5 September rocked.
I found the venue to be a really good idea especially if we want the message and the education and inspiration about our hair to get out more - it was literally in plain sight, slap bang in the middle of the mall. And quite professionally setup and put together. The various pop up stalls lined up the boarders of where everyone was to be seated and there was sound and music and even professional camera people on site. If it weren't for the weather (a freezing cold Saturday) the event would have even been more spectacular and if it weren't for the weather we would have started on time but the show eventually went on and everyone enjoyed themselves to say the very least. 

Regardless of the weather, the turnout was good and improved as the day went along. I was first on the program and my topic to share was why I loved kinks and curls and why I found them empowering mixed with a dash of details of my own journey. I thought about what I was going to say, there were so many angles to take and I prepared my thoughts, yes, I did. But, when it was time for me to stand up and when my mouth opened - I couldn't contain my excitement, neither could I contain my love for all things hair, I kept to the theme though the trails of thought were all over. I just wanted to encourage as much as I was encouraged by being there, how do you get the love you have for something across in the hopes that other will love it too? I enjoyed and just went with the flow of things. I particularly enjoyed the panel discussion because that's where specific questions were answered and where we heard personal heartfelt stories and where personal views were shared and all in the spirit of love and empowerment and all was well with the world.
Jolly of Asili Beauty chaired the proceedings. Karabo Kekana (our beloved headwrap queen) gave us a demo using various headwraps which everyone could easily do (talk about reusing a pair of pants to wrap your hair - awesomeness). Lethabo Nyathi spoke about her journey in fashion design and empowering others - she is creating her own powerhouse and continuing to help others help others and help others - blessed. Kedi and Keke of Truecurls also gave an easy hair style demonstration together with her sister and in addition we all learnt to enhance our square scarves by turning them into an accessory in the shape of a rose.(one of the many crowd favorites that took place that day). Mimi Duma of Urban Zulu gave a quick crochet braids hair style demonstration showing how versatile they really are. Various prizes were given away and the product representatives also spoke about their companies and various wares.
The pop up stalls of all locally available products including various imports were fully stocked and offered various deals for the day. On display and for sale were Haircity's convenient hair pieces and hair care products; MzansiFro with her Noir Boxes and products available from her online store; Asili hair (&body) butter; Bridget's hand made jewelry; Sari for Change clothing; Afro Amour hair care and accessories; Nubian Nature hair care; Ntombenhle Dolls; Chic Chick hair care and beauty; Akiva Naturalz hair care (all the way from Cape town and branching out nationwide); True Curls hair care; The Kinks Imported and Local hair care; Natures Wishlist Shea Butter; Blaq hair care imported JBCO range. I could not have found a well rounded presence of goods if I had asked for one. (beloved Brands/Entrepreneurs out there-these meetups are platforms to get you noticed and get your goods bought, if I were you I would be at every one of them).
The attendees and passersby had a real treat - to have just brought yourself and yet leave with knowledge and inspiration and motivation and shopping, what more could we ask for. We were even entertained by some dancers as part of the Mall proceedings and even received reusable shopper bags with water to take away with us.
I look forward to more - yes we want more and here's to exciting times in SA.
Thank you to Margaret and to all who came and all who said hello and all who sent me messages of love and appreciation. You are loved. A special thanks to my sister who accompanied me - continue to be inspired as I am and the love you have has no bounds.

Listen to Your Hair - Listen to You