Product Review: Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo and Conditioner

I was quite glad to find an easy enough way to obtain these imports and at a good price too, considering they can be quite expensive elsewhere (see previous post HERE). The Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo and Conditioner work quite well together and apart. There are a number of other reviews out there, especially around alleviating itching and dry scalps of which I am not currently suffering from but here are my thoughts on these products:
 The hair before a good wash
The Hair Loves: The clean but not dry feeling the shampoo and conditioner give after use. The shampoo is sulfate free. The scalp also feels refreshed. Best to detangle before shampooing so that the hair scalps gets full coverage and you can feel the tingling and stimulating effect of both the shampoo and conditioner. Printed on the bottles is a nice scale showing that the shampoo is closer to a clarifying one than a moisturising one and that the conditioner is more of a light conditioner than a heavy one. The scales reign true for me but I felt like my hair was a little moisturised as well through the process but not too much and the hair felt strengthened as opposed to be being soft. I use the shampoo when I feel like I have used quite a bit of product or even heavy products, in the week and it cleanses my hair pretty well. I alternate between lathering once or twice so it depends on what my hair wants. The shampoo lathers up nicely - not too much and not too little. The conditioner also gives more strength and some moisture. The hair found it to be light and yet effective, curls are left nice and bouncy and there is still some frizz. One would either follow with a leave in conditioner or heavier product to lock the moisture in properly and smooth out frizz. The hair feels like it needs conditioner soon after using the shampoo- its not dry, just feels too clean to just leave like that. Both products smell great and not overpowering. The packaging is good and maintains long terms, e.g. does not fade etc. but I could do with a bigger sized conditioner (don't we all).        
The Hair Could do More of Less of:   Its hard to state anything here because the products state the effects they should have and the hair found those statements to be true so the hair could not expect more or less from the product because it does what it said it would do. If I needed more moisture than I should use a product with more moisturising ingredients and more moisturising effects. The conditioner although light could have a bit more slip perhaps. Works okay as a leave in conditioner.

The Hair Did Not Take Well To:     Again, it is hard to fault these products as they were true to what they said they would do. Whatever you do, when rinsing, keep the water even if it trickles down your face, keep it away from your eyes. It doesn't burn but the tingling it creates feels like burning (lol).
The hair after using the shampoo and conditioner

Would I use these products again - yes, I have been using them for a while. I use them when I think I need them so listening to ones hair is key. When you listen to your hair, you will know when to use them.