Meet Tumelo - A Healthy Hair Hairstylist

Meet Tumelo - A Healthy Hair Hairstylist
Us naturalistas are always on the look out for a good stylist. A stylist who not only knows about the science of curly/kinky/coily hair but a stylist who can assess and take care of our own INDIVIDUAL hair in the most healthy way possible whilst promoting good healthy hair.

As you now know The Perfect Hair have a store at the Potato Shed in Newtown Junction (if you don't know read more HERE) and as part of their current promotions, they have partnered with stylist extraordinaire Tumelo aka Tumi. I got to meet Tumelo for the first time during the activation of this promotion and also got to have her magic fingers detangle and style my hair. I had not detangled properly in a week and a half - a quick dip under the shower in the mornings hides this tangled hair very well lol. All Tumelo used was water and the Perfect Curl style and define cream. She went through it ever so quick detangling section by section, WITH HER FINGERS and ending off ever so slightly with a wide toothed comb. She took a section, sprayed and smoothed in water and then smoothed in some product and detangled from the tips of the hair to the root. A great display of the relationship between product and technique.

Listen to Tumelo explain what she is doing and why

If you buy the Perfect Hair Starter pack consisting of a deep conditioner and style and define cream or co-wash and style and define cream you can get your hair styled for FREE by Tumelo on the available dates. Please contact the Perfect Hair to make a booking (or contact me and I can pass on your details). Next date is Tuesday 15 December 2pm to 10pm. Yes there is a late night shopping party going on so come along and enjoy. Follow The Perfect Hair on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates.
Apart from all the info and hair care knowledge she shares in the included videos, I managed to squeeze in a couple of questions:
Q)How long have you been in the hair consulting industry?
Tumelo -  Over 12 years and have always had an interest and a passion for hair in its natural state.
Q) and a question which I think is one of the first things we should ask all stylists - How do you wash a client's hair?
Tumelo - (I have paraphrased)  I have 2 different wash techniques both using non sulfate shampoos and or a shampoo with a little sulfate in it. I firstly assess the clients hair and if the hair is extremely dry, I will start with a cleansing shampoo and then follow this up with a moisturizing shampoo. Once all the shampooing is done, I follow up with a good conditioner. The products in the salon consist of both retail quality and professional salon quality products. I pay attention to choosing the right  shampoo for each client. Why shampoo? Because that determines how much moisture the hair will retain - the right shampoo will prepare the hair cuticles to take in the after care products, water included, which will also assist in moisture retention and the prolonged good condition of the hair.
With such an answer, its hard to refuse a good hair wash from Tumelo don't you think.
 The end results 

  Above:Some great tips on maintaining a protective style. Tumelo styling one of the guests from Elle magazine
 Above: Tumelo styling relaxed hair
Tumelo is permanently based at the All in One Hair Salon in Rosebank, just opposite the Gautrain station entrance. I will be visiting in the new year just to get the one hundred percent Tumelo experience and do a follow up post which I know you will be keen to hear about.
Some of Tumelo's accolades include:
- Trained by the renowned Brian Warfield (another highlight for me)
- Trained by Dr Reginald Mitchell in Trichology
- Trained by award winning stylist Michelle Thompson
Mmmmm where have you been all this time Tumi????
Tumelo is contactable via the Perfect Hair or on Instagram as @tumelomj or on Facebook as Tumelo Mpholo,

See you at the Perfect Hair and as always Listen to Your Hair.


  1. Oh Hallelujah, I was getting worried that we don't have natural hair expects. I am definitely going to try her out.


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