The Perfect Hair Has A Store

Local hair care brands continue to make strides in getting the best they have to offer to us, for us and by us. Online ordering continues to progress as it allows brands to get their product to you efficiently and effectively however some of us still prefer to see, feel, touch and try before we buy. The bigger brands still have a larger share of the shelves, to put it simply, in our larger stores like Clicks etc. and so it makes it hard for the locally produced and good for you products to make their way onto the shelves out there. (One or two local brands are breaking down the doors in this arena, keep watching). Enter the Perfect Hair founded by beloved Taryn Gill. The Perfect Hair now has a store open just for you.
The Store on Opening Night
The Perfect Hair began by providing us with much coveted international brands like Mixed Chicks and As I Am Naturally and in the process got to meet more of us and hear and listen to our needs. Taryn continued being inspired to give women what they want and actually need. Intense research and talking and meeting and partnering with the right people led to a range of products loving made just for you. The Perfect Hair. I had the opportunity to try out the product before it was launched and you can read more about that here
Before I run away with myself and try and get everything into one post which will not be enough (o: I will keep it brief and split the posts apart and therefore focus this on letting you know, The Perfect Hair has a store. Not a traditional store. An outlet where you can:
  • See, feel, touch, smell and TRY the product
  • Ask all the questions you have about the product and hair care range 
  • Find out about the ingredients (these are labeled on the products)
  • Ask all general hair care questions you might have
  • Meet Taryn, myself and the team
  • Take advantage of various promotions for example, having your hair styled for free by Tumelo (natural hair stylist extraordinaire - more details will follow about her) - current promotion as at Dec 2015.
  • Be free to just be - you - and your hair to be itself whilst gaining valuable information on how to look after it
 Above: More posing on Opening Night
Mpho, The Store Manager

The store is located at the newly opened Potato Sheds just opposite Newtown Junction Mall, part of the Work Shop Newtown initiative.
100 Carr Street
Newtown Junction 
Go try and buy or just visit the website for more information and if you would like to place an order online.
Why am I part of the Perfect Hair Team - why not? I am blessed to have the opportunity as part of my own learning and growth and journey. I am not in any way biased towards the brand or product as you know I keep things honest and unbiased and you will still get many other brand and product reviews. The beliefs of the brand and where they want to go and will go is not just about product (which is great in itself) but about educating and helping and nurturing and growing YOU. Some of you may know talking hair all day is total bliss for me, so why not? It always has been and always will be about empowering YOU, empowering US. The future is great. #happyhealthyhair
 Trying my hand at modelling the product lol
 Get free delivery - The Store's Scooter

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