African Flair Online Store - Imported Products

Before I start another series offering more product reviews, I thought I would just briefly mention my shopping experience with a new entrant into the locally based hair care importers arena -
I would at this point also like to remind you to always make contact and inquire from other platforms about online stores you are not sure about before buying. (see my post on online shopping HERE) A recent warning from a very disheartened shopper (which really saddened me and I hope she will get her comeuppance) reminded me that things change, a store that is great today may be bad tomorrow, and so its always good to do a sort of mini security check on them before making payment so as to make sure that they still exist and to make sure that they still have good customer service.
Back to African Flair (o: I did ring them and had seen other shoppers referring to them on the South African Naturals page on facebook before making my purchase. It was the last week before 'corporate' closed for the holidays and the ladies I work with were keen to get some stock of Jamaican Black Castor Oil so with only a few days left I pressed the ORDER button and hoped the order would get to me on time. (I also compared prices to other online stores). As an afterthought, I rang as well as emailed the owner/contact again asking if they could pretty please ensure the order was sent so as to reach me before leaving the office. African Flair is based in Cape Town and do courier for an additional charge nationwide. I spoke to Graham - yes a male - which I found to be rather interesting (I have dealt with us entrepreneur ladies nearly most of the time as we see what we need and do it). He answered all my questions and let me know to let them know if there are any more products that l/we are interested in being able to purchase in SA. Great and do let them know! Graham advised that their goal is to bring quality international hair care ranges to us South African consumers at the most cost effective price. Good on you Graham.
They currently stock Cantu Shea Butter, Ecostyler (at the cheapest price I have seen thus far and as at 26 Jan 2016), some Kinky Curly, Mielle Organics (whoop whoop), Shea Moisture and Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil. The range will vary and maybe the prices will change based on the very sad current exchange rate but keep visiting them and I am of the mindset (with experience), if you can then buy it now. (before the price increases (o;).

So did I get my order on time - yes I did. Graham made sure of it at no additional cost to myself. Thank you and much appreciated. Apart from JBCO for the ladies, I ordered the Shea Moisture JBCO Leave-in Conditioner for myself and we shared the delivery charge.

Shop around and get your moneys worth and as always listen to your hair.