My Oh Curls HeadWrap

My hairline is quite sensitive and prone to breakage even with the least additional unnecessary tension. For this reason I tend to stay away from elasticated satin bonnets - I had one which I really liked but after a while my hairline started shouting at me, no. I had short hair where there was once long hair, breakage. If you are going to use these just make sure the elastic is not too tight or that it does not put extra tension on your hairline. I do use a satin wrap/doek but this does slip off half way through my sleeping. I do also have a satin pillow case which I use now and again especially on extra hot nights. I bought the Oh Curls Satin Non-Elasticated Bonnet/Headwrap at a Natural hair meet up a while back and it continues to look after me and my hair, I think it was R150 or R125 at the time and it is still going strong.
 As you know, healthy hair care doesn't end when you go to bed. How you look after your hair whilst you sleep impacts on the general condition of your hair throughout your hair journey as well as impacts on your styling options the next morning. How do you take care of your hair whilst you sleep? Well you help protect it from snagging and unnecessary pulling and tugging and loss of moisture whilst you toss and turn and sleep. You do this by covering it with a satin/silk head wrap or bonnet or sleeping on a satin/silk pillow case. Satin is smooth and generally will not snag and pull at your hair and because of its density it is less likely to drain your hair and scalp of the natural oils etc that it produces. It is less likely to dry out your hair.
The Oh Curls bonnet is double sided and has enough room for many a fro. High quality satin has been used which not only helps with moisture retention and maintenance of the hair but also takes a while in between washes.In other words, even if you do an oil rub and cover up with the Oh Curls bonnet for a number of nights, the bonnet will sap up a little oil but does not get so oily and greasy itself. Its does not get dirty easily. It has two long length ties to help wrap it around the head easily. And is quite roomy. There are a range of colours available.
The Oh Curls Bonnet can be ordered via Gina on their Facebook page HERE. They also retail some imported hair care brands such as Obia Natural.

As always, listen to your hair and sleep well.


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  2. hi. do you by any chance remember who you bought the scarf from? i am looking for something similar which wont come off halfway through the night :)

    1. Hi there, their facebook page still seems to be active (although they don't post much), You can also try Lavish Atelier, Otherwise also try a satin pillowcase (from Lavish or Mr Price Home) xxx Let me know how you get on.


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