The Design Essentials FroGirl Ginny and OwnbyFemme Meet Up

12 December 2015, a nice close off to the year, I had the pleasure of attending the Design Essentials Brunch with Frogirl Ginny and René of OwnbyFemme. I saw the poster on the DE SA facebook page, told my frosisters and family and friends and all of you and bought my ticket like everybody and anybody who wanted to attend. Follow my other social media platforms like Facebook/Instagram/Twitter - all under JemsOfANatural - to keep up to date with anything I am up to date with (o: The tickets for this event cost just R60 but what we got was way worth more, an afternoon of love and laughter, hair talk, hair advise, hair colour advise, trimming hair advise, all hair advise, a choice of full meals catered by the Kitchen Bar restaurant, free drinks (after a while this opened to a cash bar), photo sessions and goody bags with full sized products.

René of and Ginny of gracing our southern African shores on their own personal holidays/vacations and had a desire to meet up with other South African curlies. Please visit their sites and feel free to follow them on all social media platforms. They reached out to Design Essentials UK who reached out to Design Essentials SA and with just a few weeks notice, arranged for a truly lovely fro brunch. Thank you Design Essentials for facilitating a chance for us to meet these extraordinary women and showcasing your products which are readily available in South Africa.
The diversity in attendance of South African women did not dissappoint and the room was soon filled with an array of not just various textures of beautiful hair but of beautiful people. Things started later than expected (I like timeliness but have learnt to be content with the fact that such is the way and you cannot control time and to rather chat to those present with me or to do something or other than waste the time availed to me, there was no minding it at all). It was an intimate setting and intimate gathering (and yes quite hot on a hot South African day). We learnt more about René and Ginny and their visions and motivations and aspirations which in turn inspired and ignited all of those present. It wasn't just about hair, it was about us. Women from another part of the world sharing themselves with other women in another part of the world. Why? Why not? show that some things we go through, even just hair issues or issues with self love, are not just individual or specific to a certain type of woman but that some of these issues are faced by women across the globe regardless of race or creed. The ladies also spoke about hair and their own hair maintenance and the products they had used that day provided by Design Essentials. We broke bread together and laughed and chatted and there was some Q and A time and once the 'official' part of the day was over, the ladies wanted some pics and those who wanted to stay and continue had the freedom to do so.
It was a real pleasure to meet these women, travelling and encouraging and inspiring and BEING women!.Please do come back. I did not want to lengthen this post unnecessarily and hope the pictures and video clips included will reflect a little of the lovely afternoon that was had. I also enjoyed finally meeting the now Joburg based and beloved Eleanor of, Our other local bloggers such as Wisaal and Ruth were also in attendance and it was just such a pleasure to be surrounded by such various hair.
Heres to more meet ups and brunches and educational classes etc and as always, listen to your hair x

(P.S we may soon have another accessible local supplier of Shea Butter - keep watching).