Product Review - Mabu Hair Care Range Prelaunch

I am always excited to try out new hair and beauty products and being locally made makes it all the more exciting (options from South African Hair Care Brands is continually growing ...we now have options, more and more OPTIONS, excitement).

I met Tlholo Mabelane at a FroParty she organised together with other curlies beginning of 2015 (read more HERE). She has a wonderful whatsapp FroGroup where fro questions and fro answers are shared and where women discuss all things hair and then some. Tlholo's long term goal is to have a hair studio/ hair salon that not only specializes in natural hair but all things pertaining to healthy hair. (we need more). With this in mind she has also started her own healthy hair care range having its foundation in natural ingredients such as shea butter, african black soap and not too much coconut oil.
I signed up and bought her initial pre-launch package which I took forever to get around to using and she even did some improvements and swapped my initial lot with the improved lot which I was grateful for. As these are mainly natural ingredients with mainly natural preservatives I decided to keep them in the fridge to slightly prolong their shelf life. I like the size of the products as you can use them up quickly without having to worry about shelf life. The packaging is simple and as this was a prelaunch to mainly gain feedback, I wasn't too fussed that there was no ingredients label as I am sure the actual launch products will have them. (I had read the leaflets about the product beforehand).
I think the price to be fair for the size, maybe a bigger moisture spray. Overall I think these are a good natural ingredients hair care line. I was not a great fan of the scent but it was quite light. I think they are okay for someone who does not like varying scents or someone who wants a neutral sort of scent that is not overpowering. My hair liked the moisture mist the most.
These PreLaunch items are still on sale, please contact Tlholo directly if you would like to try them and please bear in mind that they are PreLaunch and subject to change and feel free to give Tlholo all and any feedback you have about your own experience.
I completed a questionnaire and I decided to include my responses in this post.

You will know as soon as these products are fully launched.

Thank you Tlholo and I look forward to more of the greatness that is you. (thank you for being ever so patient with this feedback).

When trying out something new, always listen to your hair.


  1. curly hair style suits on very few faces, mostly straight hair style suits on mostly faces


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