Skin Jems: Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil Review

Beauty Bulletin kindly sent me the Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil to review (watch my amateur video review referenced below. Do have mercy on me, this would be my debut in the whole video review arena, I prefer to write but don't mind delving into this space now and again).

Anyone is able to join the Beauty Bulletin community. They have various opportunities to review various beauty products (covering hair, skin, makeup and all things that make up the beauty world) all the time, you do not have to be a blogger of any sorts, you just sign up sometimes filling out surveys or questionnaires and if you are lucky to be chosen to review a product, they will send it to you at no additional cost to yourself and soon you are good to go. They take your feedback very seriously and if you agree to give a review and end up not submitting the review you may end up not being chosen to review any other future products.
So back to Lipidol, they have a nice range of various oils serving various purposes all available at Clicks nationwide and also have a fair price of R79.95 each. I love that oil is not just essential for healthy hair but that it is also essential for one's face and body as well. I love the clear, clean and simple packaging of the product which seems to ellaborate the benefits of the product itself - simple and straight to the point. 
Using the Lipidol Cleansing Face Wash is easy, you only need a little bit the oil on dry hands which you then message into the skin, if you feel like you need more then use more (a little really does go a long way). Once you have worked and massaged the product into the skin giving it enough time to bind the excess oil and dirt and makeup on your face, you then dampen your hands or add a little water and massage your face further and watch as the oil emulsifies and produces a light/watery cream. You then rinse you face and you are good to go (for some reason I keep wanting to say 'Bob's your uncle' lol). Easy.

I must admit that I was a little apprehensive to use an oil cleanser on my very oily face - I have oily skin (just on my face) and yes I have and continue to use natural oil such as coconut oil and almond oil to clean my face but I do like to use a foam cleanser and scrub and mask etc to just ensure my skin is not only clean and cleared of all dirt and product build up but also nourished. I decided to include some questions Beauty Bulletin asked as I found them to perfectly summarise this review - straight and to the point:
1) How has Lipidol Facial Cleansing Oil left your skin looking and feeling after use?
Answer - Supple, a little soft with a feeling of being clean but not dry or oily - it felt good. The skin had a glow, I would say that the skin look moisturised to a degree if that will describe it better. 

2)Did Lipidol Facial Cleansing Oil live up to your expectations and is it truly an oil cleanser that binds oil material and gently dissolves impurities, without removing your skins natural oily layer?
Answer: Yes, yes and yes. I didn't have any high expectations but it left me more than satisfied. It is gentle enough to use daily as well as twice if you feel like you need to. Because I do sometimes aim for full coverage with my makeup, I did feel like I had to wash twice to ensure all makeup was removed. But my natural oil layer was still in tact. 

3)Did it remove all your makeup, especially the tough waterproof makeup? Yes depending on how much make up used. It did remove my water proof mascara which is great. Using cotton pads to remove the creamy film is also an option but not really necessary - I would rather wash twice, rinse and pat dry.

4)Did you feel the need to put on moisturizer after use or did your skin feel oily?
Answer: No, I did not feel the need to put on moisturizer, the skin did not feel like it needed it, it felt good and balanced. (I would just use moisturizer as a personal preference).  No, my skin did not feel oily at all.
Overall, a really good addition to my skin care regimen. 

Thank you Beauty Bulletin and Thank You Lipidol.

Do you use a Cleansing Face Oil? If not, whats stopping you from trying? 
See other Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil Reviews on the Beauty Bulleting website, ask your questions and by all means, go on and try it for yourself.