Afrilove Creations Soft Launch and Mini Product Review

Durbanites rocking their beautiful fro's don't only have to use online stores, they also have locally made and Durban based hair care available to them. Afrilove Creations. From the start I liked their professionalism and the way they interacted with their customers. They leave no room to get lost on ones hair journey and support and assist even those who just don't know where to start. They brought out some intro packs last year which I inquired about at the time and they lovingly gifted me a complimentary pack and all I paid for was delivery which was R100 at the time. This introduction to them has been long overdue and I certainly hope that they will forgive me. Afrilove continue to improve and enhance their product offerings therefore some of the details contained in this post may be improved upon - please visit their Facebook or Instagram page as well as feel free to message them should you require any additional info.
I received the Teatree and Lemon Collection pack  which included the following:
Herbal Misting Spray
My hair did not find this to be sticky or greasy but hydrating to a certain degree - JHB is just too dry and sometimes one needs to spritz some water as well as any other spritz. The scent was a light lemon scent which I found to be pleasant. I would certainly use the spritz again.
Healthy Hair Oil Mix:
I didn't use much of this oil but found it to be a good oil mix. A little does indeed go a long way.
Hair Butter Shea + Cocoa
The scent of general shea butter can be quite overpowering but I found this butter to have a pleasant lemony scent - more like lemon toffee. You do pick up the scent of the shea butter but very very slightly - more of an underscent (if there is such a word lol). The texture is indeed that of a butter, a little on the thick side but easy to use and maintains its soft buttery state. Butters can be a little heavy on my curls but this does work well as a sealant and to help the hair retain moisture a bit longer. I also still have this butter and will be trying it out on my skin. (feels soft and smooth).
Sample size Cleansing Bar
I used this cleansing bar once and will be using it again as well as trying it out on my skin. My hair is undecided about how it feels when it comes to shampoo/cleansing bars in general but it does not mind them at all. It has a nice light scent to it.
This is fairly nice range if you don't want to mix up your own and want something packed with natural goodness. It is reasonably priced too and they do deliver nationwide and the courier costs should come down the more they deliver. Have a look at Nonzuzo Mkhwanazi's fro - she is the founder of Afrilove Creations and loves her own fro just the way it is. She began her hair journey in 2012 and has not looked back, nurturing her hair AND our hair too.

Lets keep these locally made products coming South Africa and lets keep listening to our hair.