Natural Hair Dictionary - Curtesy of Curl Centric

What does that mean - what did you say - ohhhhh
As much as our hair speaks - we speak and because our hair isn't as simple as it may appear - things can get complex in trying to explain the ins and outs of our hair and so we try to shorten or give one word for what we are trying to say and we hope that that one word or acronym will carry the full explanation and meaning of what we are really saying - did I say complex lol

And so I thought I would share a Natural Hair Dictionary I found to be quite relevant as well as very helpful when it comes to fully describing or defining the various natural hair terminology we have and are akin to hearing day by day:>>>>>>>> Natural Hair Dictionary (Curlcentric is a good resource in general feel free to look around the site)

I like how you can click the first letter of the word or phrase your are looking for and find a well listed definition of all words or phrases beginning with that letter, for example:
Texlaxed – This refers to hair that is under-processed purposefully, so the relaxer isn’t left on long enough to make the hair straight. This is used to give your hair some thickness and texture. This is also referred to as relaxurized. (note from Joan - this does not mean it gives thin hair thickness, it means that it does not totally relax and thin out your hair but rather leaves your hair with some of its thickness and texture)
Thickness of Strand Classifications
  • Fine – Translucent thin hair strands that are hard to see and as fine as silk
  • Medium – Hair strands that feel like a cotton thread and that are neither course nor fine feeling
  • Course – Thick strands of hair that are larger than cotton thread and easy to see and that may make a noise if rasped between the fingers
Transitioning – Is a part of going natural and describes the period of time that has passed since your last relaxer to current date. It is similar to stretching, however the intent in not to relax again.
TWA – Teeny Weeny Afro. This refers to a relatively compact afro. Many women have a TWA after they big chop to start their natural hair journey.
Two Strand Twists – For this hairstyle, you take two equal sections of hair and twirl one section around the other until you reach the very end of your hair. This is also referred to as double strand twist. Tip: do not borrow hair as you twist to the end. You can also wrap the ends of the hair around your finger to create a tendril/coil.

See what I mean - how helpful.

This specific dictionary is not exhaustive - meaning there are some other meanings or variations of a particular phrase that can be added or expanded upon, for example:
Wash and Go (also WnG or W&G) – This is a carefree style where you wash your hair with conditioner, add gel or cream to style it and then leave it to air dry or use a diffuser. The accordion technique can be used to help achieve this style.
My wash and go's sometimes include shampoo and most of the time use a leavein conditioner before the styling product and even sometimes ends with a little bit of oil. I also sometimes start by detangling the hair and for all these varying steps I often say wash n gos and not as simple as they seem.
BUT - this natural hair dictionary is a start and a good resource to use or keep handy.

Go on - lets get learning and speak more of our hair lingo (o: as always - listen to your hair:
Listen to Your Hair – This is a proactive, introspective and intuitive action where you are more reactive to your hair than proactive. Being aware of the characteristics and behaviors of your hair helps you achieve stronger, healthier and manageable hair.