Beauty 101 with Beauty on TApp

Beauty 101 with Beauty on TApp

Lately I've come across a lot of people who say that if you own a business you really shouldn't be getting any sleep, especially in your businesses infant years. It seemed a bit ridiculous to me until Beauty on TApp was born and I saw how much effort goes into owning your own businesses and making it work. Over the past few months, the Beauty on TApp team has had to learn some hard lessons. Every failure or let down we encounter, has helped us make better and more informed decisions. In some instances we've had to rethink our strategy. The app is already up and running, and our core focus right now is to make sure we grow app downloads which will lead to us adding value for our clients. Our client base is diverse, being every individual that downloads the app and more importantly the businesses listed on our app. That is our daily mantra..."we need to add value" and so we strive to do so every day. Part of adding value is engaging with people who own businesses listed on the app and exploring where we can add value. We've seen a number of different beauty businesses list on the app and we have gathered some insight on why some businesses thrive and why others seem to struggle. As we move towards launching our online store, we've had to thoroughly analyse the products on the app and assess which products ShopBeautyonTApp would like to associate itself with. These are brands that we feel have a unique selling factor and are brands that have set themselves apart from the rest. We have gathered the basic do's and don'ts of starting and owning your own beauty business and we'd like to share some of them with you. 

These are the Beauty on TApp teams do's and don'ts. 

1. Have a unique selling point 

So you've created a hair product and have it out in the market? Why should people buy your product? With a plethora of hair products out there, and with big brands dominating the market, your product has to have a unique selling point, ie hair line growth, hair strengthening, your product being 100% natural or something else. This should be what you focus your marketing on because this is what will secure your place in the market. This is how people will identify your product and will be the main subject when people discuss your product. 

2. Don't lie to people 

Don't tell people your product performs miracles when all it does is smell nice. Betrayal in the beauty industry is a serious thing; people really do take it to heart. It takes one unhappy customer to spread the word about how bad your products or services are and your business will be doomed. If you publicly declare that your hair extensions are grade 8A or say you do nails in one hour, make sure you are telling the truth. In recent months we have seen the power of social media. It is very easy to spread the word about a business that falsely markets their goods.  If you build a good reputation, people will speak about your brands good reputation and this will lead to business growth. Be honest about what you're selling. 
Above - Taji pic included as they say/emphasis that they are selling hair growth and strength and it is indeed true - researching the ingredients can prove this to be true *individual hair issues/experiences not taken into account

3. Package your product in line with what you're trying to sell.

Cutting costs on packaging is a big no-no. If you pride yourself on selling a quality product, why should you then compromise on quality? Good packaging is the first aspect of a product that catches a customers’ eye. From there the customer will then assess whether the product fits what they are looking for. I like to think of this as "the first date" - shallowness aside. If people see a well packaged product, they'll become more interested in getting to know the product a little better. A well packaged quality product is a winning combination. You’re selling beauty, so make sure everything about your product sells just that.

4. Your advertising should not stop at social media 

Social media has changed how business is done. Social media has opened businesses up to a larger market and the platform has given rise to a lot of small businesses that actively market their businesses on the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The common misconception about social media is that every single follower is actively looking out for your next post. The other day I was looking at BeyoncĂ©'s Instagram account and her videos have about 4 million views. This is only 5% of her total 71 million followers. Kim Kardashian-West averages about 7%. So if you have about 1000 followers, about 50-70 people see or like your posts. What's worse is that you are advertising to the same audience with every post.  It's important to realize that going beyond social media to get your products or services out there is crucial. Get creative with how you get your product out there. Get product ambassadors who are as passionate about your business and what you are trying to achieve, as you are. Ask restaurants or stores if you can leave your card or pamphlets there. If you’re selling your products through your website, find a way to get people onto your website. This can be done via blog posts that are linked to your product. This opens you out to a bigger market and will get people talking about your product and will eventually result in increased sales.

5. Don't give up!!

If you take some time out and read up about how some of the biggest companies started, you'll realize that the fact that you had the gusto to start your business is your first step to success. Steve Jobs was once fired from Apple, a company that he started and brought to life. Today Apple is the biggest company in the world after he fought for what he believed in. Getting your business up and running takes time. Growing your business into what you visualized takes even more time. It takes time to convince people your products or services are the best in the market. Getting the client base you want won't happen overnight. The passion that you have for what you're doing should motivate you to keep going. There will be days where you see no sales or see no new customers walk through the door. This is an opportunity for you to get creative and reinvent yourself. We've seen days when the app has no views or has very little downloads. Then we'll get an email from someone telling us how amazing the app is and that they are interested in being on the app. The passion we push on a daily basis is what keeps us going despite the challenges. Do not give up on your business! Keep going and keep the passion pushing on cruise control. 

We hope our tips are helpful and motivate you to keep going. The beauty industry is an industry that is laden with change and new trends. There is room for everyone in this market. How you separate yourself from others is crucial. Don't be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else. 
- Mathebe Molise, CEO and Co-Founder of BoT

Thank you Mathebe for choosing Jems Of A Natural to feature such an insightful post. If you are a supplier of any hair and beauty products and services be sure to register with Beauty on TApp, many valuable benefits can be gained. If you are a user/consumer/buyer/ of hair and beauty products and services, be sure to download and use the proudly South African App. Visit
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