I am a Lioness of Africa - Are you?

Above Pics curtesy of Lioness of Africa
I recently had the privilege of attending a Lioness Lean In Breakfast co-ordinated and organised by the extraordinary Melanie Hawkin, founder and editor-in-chief of Lionesses of Africa. Yes the event was free and I came about it whilst checking out Quicket which I browse for events now and again and also recalled seeing some pics from a guest speaker they once had (Ego Iwegbu of Ms London Salon) so I was rather excited, booked my spot and indeed felt very privileged to be there on the day.

I will do another more personal post but for now wanted to share the proceedings of the day as per Melanie herself. Go ahead and have a read:

Above Pics curtesy of Lioness of Africa
If you are not a Lioness of Africa and gone and registered or subscribed to their newsletter or attended one of their networking breakfasts - I do not know what you are waiting for ???(yes I said it lol). Seriously though, the networking Lean In breakfast is awe inspiring and motivating and you meet and network with amazing, power-filled, heart giving, genuine, just like you and just like me WOMEN! If you are a female entrepreneur or brand owner/brand yourself, even better but really its a great platform no matter who you are or what you do, I mean I'm just blogger Joan and I learnt A LOT and was motivated and linked up with some wonderful sisters (yes, sisters) in just one session and I have been asked to attend and give hair talks at meetings/gatherings and will be linking hair (and beauty) brands to audiences that do not know about them, all from just going to the breakfast not knowing what it really was about but seeing that there would be other women there and having the curiosity to see why. 
I am a Lioness of Africa, I am a WOMAN MADE IN AFRICA - are you?

Let me know if you have attended and lets spread the word!