Product Review - Bounce Essential Deep Conditioning Heating Cap

I met up with the powerhouse behind Bounce Essentials - Caroline (why did we not take a pic 'sigh') in April when she was visiting South Africa from the UK. I reached out about availing my head for some hair (they have some great wigs) but she lovingly gifted me a Deep Conditioning Cap to review instead and I gladly received it (o: It was also apt for winter and linked into the posts I was planning on deep conditioning (see previous posts on the blog).

Electrical (ones you plug into a power source) Deep Conditioning Caps are not that popular in SA as yet and knowing how effective heat can be when using deep conditioners/masques/treatments finding an easy one to use such as the Bounce Essential one is indeed a blessing. You don't have to heat things up separately or take more time heating something first before you can use it - you just plug it in and you are good to go.
What is it - its an electrical wired cap that you can plug into a power socket (using a two pin adapter) and place it on your plastic covered hair and pick a setting on the cap and it starts heating up. You can keep it on for 10-20 minutes (lol Caroline I hope the ones on sale come with some guidelines as I took some time trying to remember our full discussion) and once you are done, you can switch it off, remove it from your head and let your treatment continue to work as the heat is still trapped in the plastic on your head.
When I first saw it I was a little apprehensive as it looked quite odd but I found it to be easy to use and quick too. The inner lining is joined to the whole cap with a zip so that you can remove this inner section and wash it if you want to (this inner detachable section is the only part that got a little oil on it when I did a hot/heated oil treatment). The cap has protected electrical wiring built/sewn into it - all over it (okay it sounds a little frightening but it isn't, I just don't know how else to describe it). The material and lining protect it further. There are no or very little chances of it getting wet whilst on your hair as you would have a plastic wrapped offer your hair in the first instance. Obviously do not immerse it in water and just be a little more cautious with electrical mechanisms - don't forget to switch it off and don't misuse it, for example using it for purposes other than what it was made for. Otherwise, it appears to be perfectly safe and I have not heard of any nasty incidents.

I have used it whilst doing some work on my laptop and letting the heat do its thing for a deep conditioning treatment. I have used it whilst watching a series on the telly. As I often emphasis - deep conditioning and treating your hair does not have to be time consuming. This particular cap does keep you in one spot - you connect to a power socket - but certainly not for long and you can be doing something else whilst it does its work. I have used it for a hot oil or as I called it, heated oil treatment as I soaked my hair in oil and after covering the hair with plastic, I then used the heating cap to heat it up whilst on my hair. It did a great job. When you remove the cap, the heat is nicely trapped under the plastic you have over your hair and will continue to work as it cools. Up to you to go ahead and rinse immediately or wait a little longer.
Will I use it again - yes - I will be using it more often - it is easy and its quick. With the optional settings I can use a higher dose of heat or a lower one depending on how much time I want to take etc.

Precaution - do not have it sitting directly on your scalp or against your scalp - its big enough to sit like a bonnet over your hair and you use the drawstring to adjust it or tie it more firmly when you have positioned it nicely over your hair.  If you do pull it against your scalp - you will not burn or harm yourself - you just will feel the heat more and if left for too long your scalp will feel slightly sore afterwards. <shades eyes> okay okay yes I let it sit right on my scalp the first time I used it and left it too long as I got engrossed in my work and I could feel like it didn't feel right but I just left it there, lesson learnt. Basically - it is big enough and is meant to sit like a bonnet around your head not like a hat firmly/tightly against your head.

Thank you Bounce Essentials and keep these innovations coming. The Bounce Essential Conditioning Cap is available to order via their website and delivery is available all over South Africa (and the globe). (I did see stock may be an issue now but keep watching, it should be replenished soon). Pricing may change - sign up for their newsletter to keep up to-date on deals etc.

Listen to and better treat your hair.