Tumelo and the Cantu Hair Care Brand

A while ago I introduced Tumelo - a professional hairstylist who not only continues to embrace and nurture natural hair but all hair. 

As a thank you for a mention in a previous post I had done, (see HERE) Tumelo lovingly gifted me with some time in her chair at the All In One Salon in Rosebank. She asked if she could trim and treat my hair and I gladly said yes. After settling in her chair and being covered up with the usual protective cape and towel, Tumi got to work. She first showed me the products she would be using, the Cantu hair care range. It was a nice surprise to see a stylist using this range in a salon. We set off to then shampoo and wash my hair followed by a deep conditioning treatment, plastic covering and sitting under the hooded drier for about 20mins. 
Above: Cantu products used to Wash and Treat
Once the treatment had been given time to penetrate and nourish the hair strands, we rinsed and then trimmed any damaged ends as well as a section of heat damaged hair in the front of my head which had been a great annoyance but I was growing it out (okay maybe holding on to lol). I then ended with what looked like a side slanting fringe which I was happy to have. Tumelo didn't want to go in too much with scissors even though I urged her to get all the straight bits and its good to be able to have this type of conversation with a stylist, one who is open to your suggestions but will also explain the whys about what they are doing to your hair. (I did get home and grab a pair of scissors and went and took off the last bits myself and ended with a proper fringe kinda look lol which I actually liked).

Once all was done, we gently styled the hair and I was good to go. 
Above: After deep treating
 Above: Products used
Above: After Trimming and Styling
Tumelo advised that she is listed to become a distributor of Cantu products. She advised that Cantu are interested in and looking to officially launch in South Africa. (I did msg Cantu Africa who advised that they are indeed interested just not certain of dates as yet - we await). Exciting times in SA and we certainly can't wait. If you are looking to experience the products feel free to contact Tumelo via her Facebook OR Instagram pages. She will let us all know once she has stock to sell etc (for now she is just using what she has in the salon).

I also watched Tumelo use the Cantu range on dread locs for a wash, retwist and style which turned out pretty good as shown above.

(Cantu is also currently sold via locally based importers such as Obulunji and African-flair)

As always, shop around and listen to you hair.


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