So you are looking for - Imported Hair Care Products in South Africa

Another updated list - original published May 2015 and herewith the cleaned and updated version (o:

Yes, yes, I did a number of lists (o: and am working on a couple more.
It is a journey and on this journey we learn and we grow. What I didn't know and now know I can share and that to me is just awesome. (I know what it was like to use google and get no results for what I was searching for especially for a local presence or supply of good hair care). Looking at these lists and knowing where we were in terms of getting our hands on good natural hair care products and now seeing where we are and where we are going...I can but grin and be all the more excited.

So, we have a list of where we can obtain healthy natural hair care products for healthy hair proudly made in South Africa - found HERE - and now we can look at a list of imported hair care products that are locally accessible. We may not really need these imports as you will see that our local product offerings have grown and are continuing to grow, its just nice to know that we do have access to international hair care brands.Some of these do come at a high price but I feel they are still easier to obtain than having to wait weeks for international delivery and then having to still pay customs and duty and and and...
Some of these distributors deliver via courier within a day depending on your location, some offer free delivery or postal delivery (I always say, if you would like, find friends/people who would also like to order and then place one bulk order and share delivery charges if any - why not). Some of these distributors have a number of payment methods so you can choose what best suits you.

Some of these distributors continue to grow/increase their offerings so always check their websites now and again to see what else they have. Many of these products we have heard about on many of the international blogs and vlogs and have seen many reviews and now we can actually try them for ourselves without having to beg our friends and family travelling abroad to bring them for us (o:
(I should go into advertising with all these sales pitch lines lol). Some of these products are being manufactured locally - check the labels - and this is a GREAT thing as it brings down the price. (I see you). Come on world, bring it! Please feel free to let me know of any others and I will update the list.

In alphabetical order:

African Flair - - they stock but are not limited to Shea Moisture, Eco Styler, Cantu, Sunny Isle JBCO and more. (a post about them can be found HERE) Use my referral code to get a discount - JOAN197

Blaq Hair - they stock but are not limited to a whole range of Tropic Isle Living hair care including this brands JBCO and more.

Design Essentials - they stock Design Essentials professional and natural hair care lines for relaxed and natural hair.

Everything Hair - - they stock but are not limited to Mizani, Moroccon Oil, Joico, Pureology and more (so you can buy online instead of searching for a salon that stocks some of these products). (website currently being updated)

Mzansi Fro - - they stock but are not limited to Aunt Jackies, Design Essentials, Elasta QP, Curls Unleashed, Eco Styler Gel and more (they also retail various local brands).

Nature And I - - they stock but are not limited to Aphogee, Curls, Eco Styler, Design Essentials, Twisted Sister, Obia, Jessicurl, Shea Moisture, My Honey Child and more.(a post about them can be found HERE)

Obulunji - - they stock but are not limited to Aphogee, As I Am, Cantu, Elasta QP, Jane Carter Solution, Shea Moisture, Sunny Isle JBCO and more (a post about them can be found HERE)

Phro Group (the local stockist is Nontle Hair) - an Australian based hair care range, the B Range and the Aphro Comb (a post about them can be found HERE)

Soon to launch:
Stockists of Soultanicals and Girl and Hair - I will update this post as soon as they are live.

There are still many products and tools and stylists we do not have BUT we are getting there and I believe we will get there.
You can research and test and try what we have available and find what your own hair loves and at least now you have more choice and more options and its all the good stuff (no parabens etc). This post is published as at July 2016 and as things can change over time the above mentioned brands are validated as at July 2016 >>> Please always check and research and ask questions about these suppliers before making any online purchases with them and any others.

Experiment, research and shop around before buying so you get the best value for your money (we can now do that whoop whoop) and by all means - Listen to you hair.


  1. Nice List Joan thank you for the mention

    1. You are welcome Isabel - the beloved MzansiFro x

  2. Hi. I'd like to warn everyone on your page against purchasing from Tender Loving Hair. I ordered and paid for R3000 worth of hair products from them on 12 Dec 2015 which have still not been delivered. All attempts to contact them regarding this have been futile and their online store is down for a while now!! Really frustrating to know I've been crooked, at least I didn't use my credit card! Any assistance would be most appreciated! Ta!

    1. Dearest Welzi, am really saddened to hear about your experience. I am in the process of updating my lists and will be removing Tender Loving Hair. I messaged the only number I had from an order I placed a long time ago and unfortunately the lady has long parted ways with TLH and no longer with them. I still hope that your issue is resolved as it gives a bad name to other genuine online services /shops out there. All the very best and thank you for letting us know. x

  3. Hi, where can I purchase Mizani hair products?

    1. Hi Siney
      Mizani prefer to stock their products in various salons across the country. You can find a list of salons here:
      Hope this helps, thanks.

  4. I usually get my basics from I'm in love with JBCO and African black soap!

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  6. Hi there, came across you and your blog and I think it's amazing! You've already been a great source of information, especially the lists of online hair retailers that have local and international products, I can feel my inner product junkie awakening. Thank you! Just wanted to ask what products do you use, I saw one of your instagtam posts about the steps you take after washing your hair but you mentioned no products. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks again and you have yourself a new subscriber.

    1. Thank you so much Milly x I have future posts pending on the products I use, some are more geared at the review of a specific product. But I always emphasis technique and want people to get that side of things first. I will post more soon.

  7. Hi there, thank you so much for the list. I just wanted to find out which websites from the list you have purchased goods from. :)


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