Salon Visit - HAIRTURAL Studio - A Healthy Hair Friendly Salon

Last week I made a very unplanned and impromptu stop at a well established and also well geared hair salon called Hairtural. I have known about their existence for a while (even before they opened) but hadn't had a chance and well really didn't make the required effort to visit until just last week. (I am finding and well I really do believe that - at the appointed time - it shall happen and it shall be - and so will all these pending posts lol)
Owned/founded by entrepreneur extraordinaire, Botlhale Tshetlo, a well rounded super woman who doesn't just think about ideas or ventures but just gets on and does it. Having always had a love for hair she delved into formulating her own hair care brand called Hairtural and then branched out into opening the first (of many I certainly hope) hair studio called Hairtural Studio Salon based in Petervale, Bryanston:
Hairtural Studio
(011) 234 1642/0712986799
1st Floor, Petervale Centre
28 Frans Hals Street
Petervale, Bryanston 
The centre is behind the Engen garage. Take the stairs next to Calice Restaurant to the first floor.
Its best to make an appointment and I was blessed enough to find an opening waiting for me as a walk in customer (tata ma-chance). I received a very warm greeting from Khanyi and Portia who were both to be my stylists for the session. (My big head of hair appreciated both sets of hands). The branding and space itself is very clean and uncluttered and only Hairtural products are used. I explained that I wanted a wash and something simple done and was assured I had come to the right place.
First thing - NO COMBS are used on your hair. Only finger detangling. GREAT! I mentioned I was also tender headed but did not need to fear because not once did I wince or ouch in any pain. The ladies were ever so gentle, first applying a water enriched conditioner to my dry hair and then working their fingers through all the strands ensuring all knots are GENTLY taken care of. (I say water enriched because my water loving hair took to the product straight away).
Once detangled the hair was sectioned and put into loose twists and covered with a cap or conditioning cap. I was asked to give the conditioner time to treat the hair and wait for about 10 mins. Thereafter I was shown to an odd looking chair (my first time experiencing such a seat) where my hair was to be rinsed. What a dream of a rinse...the chair allows you to lay horizontally and comfortably on your back and your head is comfortably positioned over the wash basin. There was no strain on my neck as I was well supported and I immediately relaxed as my hair was gently rinsed. I was asked to turn my head to each side as the rinsing progressed and still no strain on the neck. I could have laid there for a very long long long while (o:I think for kids its so ideal. I'm going  on about this chair, let me mention the rinse/wash - there is no scratching of the scalp. Portia used the pads of her fingers to gently rub the scalp and the hair was gently handled throughout.

Once rinsed the moisture was then sealed in with what looked like a mix of water and conditioner which was used as a leave in conditioner (sorry I didn't ask exactly) followed by the Hairtural hair butter and then styled.
Second Thing - NO HEAT is used on your hair. The hair is lightly dried with a tshirt-feel-type of material (not towel), at first I thought it was like a terry cloth or microfibre cloth which is also ideal for the hair. The hair dries as it is styled and lightly spritzed if more moisture is needed. The initial style that I wanted was a little difficult as my hair did not want to behave in its damp state and so Khanyi put her great mind to work and decided on a flat twist with a literal twisting of the hair which came out rather great - I thought. There was no rushing with the style or my overall session and yes it took longer than expected but that was only because my hair did not want my initial style choice, the ladies did try to persuade it and then we found something it did like.
Third thing - NO BRAIDING per say is done. The salon believes in nurturing your hair and hairline and want to help you in the best way possible along your hair journey and do not want to do anything that will harm your hair or harm your hairline in any way. They prefer low maintenance PROTECTIVE styling in the true sense of PROTECTING your hair and hair ends.
(those that know me have known me to speak a little on the whole concept of protective styling as low maintenance and no or low tension styling and NOT as anything that would put unnecessary tension on your hair/scalp/hairline - post on this to follow in due course). I will mention that the hair in the back might have been pulled slightly tight as tiny little bumbs formed in just one spot. (my own hair may have also impacted on this as it pulled upwards on its own whilst drying.) If you feel like a style is too tight for your hair/scalp then say so, you are the one who feels it and your stylist may not know, have a conversation and build a relationship with your stylist.

Fourth thing - there was no double booking and other client's hair being done by the same stylists at the same time as mine. YOU GET YOUR DESERVED ATTENTION,

I mentioned kids - yes - I think this salon is truly child friendly, your daughters (and sons) are sure to love it. Any preconditioned fears of a comb they may have are quickly dissolved as they take a seat in the stylists chair. The ladies are indeed gentle with the hair and scalp - me with a tender head can attest to that.
Pricing varies depending on what is needed, a basic wash, treat and style cost R350 which is not too bad considering other salon prices that I have seen. Its week two and my hair has not unravelled and is still in place.

Will I go back to the Hairtural Studio - YES. I normally ask a million and one questions when I visit a salon and I look at everything being used and how and and and, but in this instance I was actually more at ease and relaxed right from the moment they said no combs will be used (okay, I was a little apprehensive as I like to detangle my own hair before arriving at a salon but when I saw them complete a section of finger detangling my hair without any pain or rough handling, I exhaled). The stylists are passionate about natural hair and work as a team. Hairtural does have a kids range of hair care which they also use in the salon.
Various salons will have their own unique character and unique brand style and way of doing things which I think is great and will help them stand out against each other. In saying this I thought I would start giving a few personal tips for every salon I visit, not to make them all the same but rather just general tips from my personal point of view and not to give a negative light or knock down the salon (unless its a bad salon as you know I keep things honest in this blog)...just my personal tip - should I keep this aspect of the review? What do you think?

If you do visit, let me know how it goes and better yet, let Hairtural know by posting feedback on their various social media pages:
You can buy Hairtural products online and in the Studio:

As always, listen to your hair.


  1. Thank you for this post! I've been considering visiting this salon for something similar actually- two plain French braids :).

    Quick question- do they use extension peice? Or it's optional?

    Thanks a mill!

    1. Hi Thulisa
      You are welcome. Yes, they can use/add an extension piece - its optional. They were going to do that for me for my initial hairstyle but my hair did not want to behave so they came up with another similar style which worked well.


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