Styling Short Natural Hair - The Sleek Back

This is an easy style to achieve. The aim was not for straight hair but sleeked hair that stayed in place. Maybe the style should be called The River (lol).  My advise would be >> don't worry about the stray curls here and there that refuse to lay flat, your hair was not made to conform but to BE, so as long as the majority of them are laying flat then the odd ones here and there are perfectly okay. Also, if it is just the front lays flat but the back does not, that is also okay as it is another style on its own. I could probably leave this here and post as is (o: as that is really it...okay okay, I will go into the product used in this particular instance. 
Above: The Moisture Factory That Gel
This week I used the Moisture Factory That Gel. This gel is slightly dense and does not leave residue or flakes in the hair. Its also adds some shine to the hair. This was on 3rd day hair after having had a wash n go the days before. I spritzed the hair with water as it was a little dry but water also makes the hair more pliable and easier to work with. Once the hair was all spritzed, I ran the detangling brush through it to smooth out any knots or tangles and then I started to apply the gel. Start with a little at a time as you can go over the gelled up hair again with some more gel if you need to. Sectioning the hair is still important. So apply and brush flat section by section starting at the back.You can part the hair in front if you like which is what I did. I love my side path/part! Use your hands to continue to help sleek down and to help the hair lay flat. A hard bristle brush is okay to use just be weary as it may make the hair curl more. Once done, firmly tie a satin/silk doek/scarf over the hair. This will further help the hair to lay flat whilst it dries. 
 Above: Various angles of the Sleek Back style.

Above: Late afternoon after a long day, I ruffled it up to see if it would flake. A few stiff areas where I applied too much gel and the rest of the hair was still soft and I could rock another hair style altogether. (I plan to cowash the next day)
As you can see, the hair did not totally lay flat and that is perfectly okay. 
Do you ever sleek down your hair?

As always, listen to you hair and short hair rocks.