Does CLICKS Cater for Natural Hair?

Above: A snippet of the categories of products listed under Beauty on
CLICKS are a well-known retail pharmacy with a footprint spanning more than 800 outlets across the southern hemisphere of the African continent. Not only have they increased their natural hair care product offering but they have shown their support of the natural hair care community in a number of ways in recent times. For example they have sectioned and positioned a variety of natural hair care products in one area of each store (naturalistahs have their products all shelved in a well labelled section) to try and make it easier for new naturals or even novice ones to find hair care products specifically for their hair. Their online store has also grouped hair care products and relevant brands for natural hair under one heading making it easier to have a starting point when looking for natural hair friendly products. They have also gone far and beyond in facilitating events to introduce the consumer to their natural hair care brands introducing Clicks Curls events firstly in Johannesburg for media only in March 2017 and then opening it up to the public and all consumers in Cape Town of that year. This year, 2018 saw the return of Clicks Curls in Johannesburg and Durban for ALL to enjoy liaising direct with hair care brands, mingling with fellow naturalistahs, listening to hair care specialists and our very own beloved natural hair bloggers such as Amanda of Cape Town Curly and Eleanor of Eleanor J'adore. Those who were lucky to get the Goody bag tickets took home a number of full sized products as well as numerous samples. I always say every event has its pros and cons but ultimately many enjoyed themselves even if it meant just being among so many women (men and children) rocking their beautiful curls, kinks and coils. (unfortunately I have read that  Clicks Curls Durban was the last Clicks Curls event for a long time to come but who knows things may change).
Above: Some pictures taken at the Clicks Curls JHB 2018 2 day event
As mentioned, if you were lucky to get a goody bag ticket then you are surely in possession of products worth more than R1000 after paying just less than R200 for a ticket - like wow. And I know you have been excited to try those products some of which may be new and some may be established favourites. Maybe you didn't get to a Clicks Curls event and are still interested in knowing what Clicks stores and Clicks online have to offer just for you. First up - no, I had not seen this one before and am certain it had its debut at the Clicks Curls JHB 2018 event:
  • Clicks very own natural hair care range called Afri True Naturals. Well done Clicks on keeping natural hair at the fore (especially as it is a constantly growing consumer base), thank you for hearing us and priced at less than R90 for each item many will appreciate the affordability of the range. Boasting to be sulfate free and paraben free (the Conditioner is mineral oil free but there is mineral oil in the Curl creme) the range consists of:
    • Afri True Naturals Moisturising Softening Shampoo
    • Afri True Naturals Hydrating and Softening Conditioner
    • Afri True Naturals Hydrating Curl Creme
    • Afri True Naturals Curl Defining Gel
Above: Some products from the Clicks Afri True Naturals range
Personally, I would definitely pick this range over the other Clicks Afri True range (red, gold and black packaging) any day because the key ingredients are much better to a degree. Talking about ingredients (and I am not an ingredients fundi) I do hope that there will be continual improvement and an increase to the range offerings. There could be improvement upon the ingredients of the Curl Creme - it has mineral oil in the top 5 ingredients and a water insoluble silicone further down the list of ingredients but maybe all of these ingredients working together may make for a goodish product. Having more products that are affordable and mineral oil free at the same time would be totally AMAZING and if the range is going to say Mineral Oil free then it would be great if this was applicable to the FULL range, not just the conditioner. However, I do love that there is a creme or cream as more of these are needed for all hair textures. I also think one trying the product for themselves is always the ultimate test and if ones hair loves it then great. I also think there are ways to use the product even if mineral oil is the 5th ingredient and especially for one day styles. I do like the packaging although no to mentioning 'towel dried' hair LOL but yes to 't-shirt dried' hair. I love that water is the first ingredient even in the Hydrating Gel. I also love the scent which is a light coconut scent carried through each product and therefore through the full range and I am yet to fully use and have the hair play with them all. (I tried the Curl Creme once and the hair found it to be okay). Would I purchase these products, yes, and will be shortly adding the Moisturising Shampoo and anything else I do not have, to my stash (I read on the Gel that there is a Detangler). 
The full range is available in select stores nationwide but not online and should be updated soon. (just the shampoo online for now)

Another brand that had its debut to many of us at Clicks Curls event was the Revlon Realistic Black Seed Oil Range designed for natural hair. I am quite proud of this range being produced and manufactured solely in South Africa and sold or distributed to the rest of the world (yes this could be in line with hair care products from Africa being deemed a little more authentic but I am proud all the same). The range should be available on Clicks shelves in the next few months.
Above: Some products from the Revlon Black Seed Oil Range
There are more than 20 Hair Care Brands lovingly grouped under the Natural Hair heading, WHOOP and fantastic. (There are even more products if you walk along ALL of the hair care aisles in the stores). They comprise of both international and local brands. SOME of the International brands (some of which we have LONGED TO TRY for a number of years) that can now can be found in Clicks are:
  • Cantu Shea Butter - the Coconut Curl Cream together with the the Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream has helped keep my curls hydrated and defined this winter.
  • Carols Daughter - my hair still loves all of the conditioners especially the Black Vanilla Hydrating Conditioner for butterliciousness hair (yes we can make up words (o:)
  • Design Essentials - the Almond and Avocado Leave-In Conditioner still ranks in my top 5 and funny enough it has mineral oil in it. So, like I said it really depends on your hair and how you listen to it or how you use products together with technique.
  • Jane Carter Solution Curls To Go - the first product I finished as in emptied the bottle, as in used the most was the Curls To Go Mist Me Over Curl Hydrator. My hair enjoyed this the most.
  • Maui Moisture - I am yet to try out the products from this brand but have read good things thus far.
  • Noughty - One of the few rich thick leave in conditioners out there and a little goes a long way, also plays nice with other products if applied moderately (if you cocktail or layer your product application).
  • Not Your Mothers - I am yet to try out the products from this brand but have sniffed at the delectable scents and they boast to be without synthetic chemicals.
  • OGX - I am yet to try more of the products from this brand but have sniffed and fallen in love with the scent/fragrance of a few.
  • Palmer's - I have always known Palmers as a skin care brand but it has been nice to see their offerings expand to include hair care especially for natural hair. My hair is not a fan of raw coconut oil but does like the Palmers Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack especially before colour treating my hair.
  • Shea Moisture - I am yet to try out all of the products but one or more of the Deep Treatment Masques easily rank in my top 10 mostly because they do what they say they will do (and then some) and the scents/fragrances are just pure luxury and yum (to MY nose),

 Above: Some International Hair Care Brands for Natural Hair available at Clicks 
Below are some local hair care brands that are stocked in Clicks and I am sure more will be added (just learnt that local brand Nilotiqa will soon be on Clicks shelves, awesome):
  • Afro Botanics - this brand was one of the first LOCAL natural hair care brands to be found on retail store shelves. Their resilience and introduction of new products to their range is admirable. I am yet to try all of the products from this brand and do find them to be affordable and long lasting.
  • Black Like Me for Natural Hair - I am yet to try out the products from this brand and have read some ladies give the range their thumbs up as well as the fact that it is very affordable. The Curl Treat Conditioner does have some mineral oil as a third ingredient but as always try for yourself and monitor your hairs behavior especially over time.
  • Caivil Naturals - the one item I did try and found to be not bad at all is the Marula Oil Hair and Scalp Oil Sealant which is a blend of various oils (sadly the other products are laden with mineral oil as the second ingredient). 
  • My Natural Hair - this local brand has a number of affordable products in their range and I did notice an increase in the overall strength of my hair using all of the products over time. 
Above: Some Local South African Hair Care Brands for Natural Hair available at Click
If I ever heard someone say that they could not find a hair care product that they could use in Clicks, I would say that they did not look at all. (excludes those with allergies and even still they might have to look deeper or keep to DIYs). Does Clicks cater for natural hair? Indeed they do. Clicks has indeed heard our pleas over the years and continues to listen to their customer needs and I am sure we continue to enjoy our shopping trips to the store to sometimes just explore or walk in to purchase one thing and walk out having purchased 5 (o: We also look forward to increased improvements to our online shopping experiences via with products from the FULL product/brand range being available online. (Do always check the site for Online Only deals and you have the options for delivery do your door or to pickup in store for a reduced fee). We have options, we have choice and we have solutions for our hair and things can only get better. 

As always LISTEN TO YOUR HAIR and see you in Clicks.

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**This is a sponsored post and you know I always keep things non biased and honest regardless **


  1. I only shop at Clicks for natural hair products! Been natural for 6 years and I live for their 3 for 2 sales!!!

    1. Thats greats and its awesome that they continue to add to the product offerings for us. Those 3 for 2 sales are to live for lol x

  2. What is your take on bad silicones? I wanted to buy the Afri True range but saw that it contains bad silicones, cetyl dimethicone and dimethicone which is not water soluble.

  3. thank you for the information provided, we are waiting for the next info


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