Review: Coils and Curls Natural Hair Salon

I was cordially invited to experience a fairly new hair salon in the Kyalami area in Johannesburg specialising in natural hair. 
The salon is called Coils and Curls, and you can find them on the 1st Floor at Kyalami Downs Shopping Centre. Check out their portfolio of styles and more info on:

Salon Background
Coils and Curls was born out of a need to care for the hair needs of more women and children who love and nurture their natural hair. The salon is owned by two fabulous family orientated women, Thabitha and Wendy who desire to serve their community and serve and uplift other women through hair. Coils and Curls is a little different in that they like to keep hair care simple and as natural as much as possible from having a no heat on hair policy (except the use of a hair steamer) and no relaxers as well as offering finger detangling only and using products that are founded in natural ingredients such as those of a local brand called True Curls which the salon stocks and uses. (they are open to you bringing your own hair care products but please note that pricing for your service will not change) For example after my hair and scalp were assessed, a mixture of water, apple cider vinegar and some essential oils was spritzed on to my hair and scalp to help with the detangling process as well as help remove or shift any product build up on my hair before washing it.
Above: Some of the products that were used on my hair
Thabitha then explained that a clients hair is then cowashed (cleansed with conditioner) and shampoo is only used if it is seen that the scalp and hair needs it especially if a client has been in a long term protective style like braids for example. One can then choose if they would like a treatment applied (for an additional charge) and then a client will sit under the steamer (my favourite) for a few minutes. When I got to the wash basin and saw one of my favourite wash basin chairs (the ones where one can literally lie down and imagine you are on your bed or favourite sofa or beach chair lol) I asked why this chair and Thabitha responded that this specific chair was chosen with pregnant women in mind to provide some extra comfort and provide an overall great hair wash experience for all clients. There were also T-shirt towels in use and on display. See the love given to establishing this salon as a place to relax and have a positive salon experience.

 Above: My favourite wash basin chair and Andiswa gently massaging the scalp - to fall asleep or not..that is the question
 Above: Some t-shirt towels on display
Coils and Curls Natural Hair Salon Service offerings of which Duration varies • Price varies include but are not limited to:

  • Kids Treatments and styling
    • Undo plaits
    • Treatment 
    • Treatment and style- all natural
    • Treatment and style- protective
    • Treatment and s... More 
  • Treatment and plait- glam
    • Glam treatment and plait 
  • Treatment and plait-protective
    • Protective treatment and styling 
  • Treatment and plait- all natural
    • Natural treatment and plaiting 
  • Treatment and style- glam
    • 30 minutes • Price varies
    • glam treatment style 
  • Treatment and style- protective
    • Protective styling and treatment 
  • Treatment and style- all natural
    • Natural hair treatment and style 

Please contact the Salon on 060 813 3139 for all inquiries and pricing and to explain your hair needs (pricing begins at R250 depending on the service required)
Above: The Coils and Curls Salon - Picture curtesy of Coils and Curls
The Salon Experience
I arrived just before my 11am appointment time on a cheery Sunday and was greeted with warmth as I entered the prestine, clean and well decorated space. With three workstations and one lovingly equipped wash station dynamite does come in small packages. Andiswa - my stylist for the day - got me settled and then assisted by Mbali, got to work finger detangling my hair (I don't like pain and knowing my hair I always detangle my hair before going to a salon or stylist lol). I chatted away with Thabitha (the salon co-owner) asking questions and obtaining more information about the salon and their service offerings. 
After my hair was co-washed (washed with conditioner) and warm water, a clay mask was applied and the head covered with a plastic cap. I was then seated under a hair steamer for about 10mins or so. Was I offered a drink and some reading material, yes. Tea and coffee (and other beverages) are ever present to really help one relax and enjoy their experience. (I think I saw another client have her tea with some biscuits which was nice). 
Once my treatment time was up, I was lead back to the wash basin where Andiswa explained that the last step of my cleanse and treatment process would be a cold water rinse - no I did not like this - but its a good practise in completing the overall process so I obliged. The cold water shock only lasts a few seconds and you are done.
 Above: The hair before my salon experience
 Above: Mbali and Andiswa gently detangling my hair
 Above: The hair after the last rinse - see the shine. The hair steamer

 Above: Andiswa styling the hair
Back to the clean workstation, Andiswa showed me a picture of the style she had in mind which I agreed would look great (and it did). She also explained that she would be sealing in the moisture in the hair with a little bit of Curl Defining Pudding (more of a hair butter) and as I explained that I am extremely tender headed and do not like pain or tight styles she smiled and kept checking in that she was not pulling my hair too tightly as she cornrowed the hair. Other clients arrived, (one client was just like me and experiencing the salon for the first time) and it was nice seeing how Thabitha interacted with them and explained why the steps that were being carried out on their hair were being done and giving some basic hair education. (Thabitha is quite hands on stepping in when she needs to to ensure her clients are well looked after). Before long my beautiful hairstyle was complete and after inquiring about all of the products used on my hair on the day ( I ask these questions) I left with a smile on my face and swing in my step and my crown of hair held up even higher.

The young stylists at Coils and Curls are continually learning the trade of caring for natural hair vs processed hair. Having undergone training for natural hair when they joined the salon, ongoing training and learning is important to them to ensure that they develop the craft of natural hair care further. The ladies do indeed love natural hair. (They know how to 'dust' ones hair with a very light trim but are still learning how to properly trim and cut our curls, kinks and coils) I like the clean and clear spaces and hope that these will remain this way - it just helps the mind and space have that overall clear and relaxed feeling. I absolutely love the chair at the wash basin which enhances the overall experience. I like that the salon although keeping things simple and centered on natural ingredients and practices, are and will continually grow and enhance their offerings. 
I thoroughly enjoyed rocking my hair style which I kept in for a full 2 weeks. I noticed an increase in hair strength after the clay mask was used. The scalp also felt clean after the treatment showing the effectiveness of the apple cider vinegar to a degree I guess.

I enjoyed my experience and although I don't visit salons often as those that cater for us curls, kinks and coils are still growing, I do hope to visit again.

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As always listen to your hair and try something new x